Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Sunday, April 02, 2006

The road to enlightenment is long and difficult, so bring snacks and a magazine

Happy Weekend All!
I am reading "Journey of Awakening : A Meditator's Guidebook" by Ram Dass and enjoying it very much. I found it was a natural progression from the Goldberg book I read on writing and is jiving with many of the other Zen books I've browsed from the Shambhala line. Reading it on the #63 makes the trip go fast too, occasionally I'll glance out the window and there will be bare branches, quivering in the wind, or the Ottawa river, crusted in rotten snow. But the sun picks out crystal diamonds in the ice and the trees' graceful branches are slender and beautiful. Even rushing towards Tunney's Pasture and endless, mindless work, I find some peace and quiet for my angsty soul :-P

I picked up some very cool Bodhi beads Fri night after drinks with Leah. We headed to 3 Trees so she could return her ring and just browsed a bit. They have *so* many cool and neat things, great music playing in the bg too, bellydance material for sure ;-D Checked out beeswax candles, turned amber beads over in my fingers and helped Leah model pink embroidered delicates with her leather jacket as an impromptu screen. It was fun.

I drove my Cyclopean Mustang down the Queensway, the thin right beam lighthouse-like as I flew home to GlenCairn. I had to truncate my Friday to get back in time for the end of an eBay auction. Auction you say? Yes, I babysat that sucker for 40 minutes, watching the time tick down on a cute lil' cherry red 2000 Echo for sale, here in Ottawa! I couldn't wrap my head around the idea that I wasn't bidding on a CD or a book.. but an entire car. Hmm...:-D And, to suspend the suspense, yes, I won her! I still have to get Frank (my mech-dude) to check her over, tomorrow or Monday, but if all goes well, she will be MINE *bwahahhahaaa* Yes :-))

I have to pick a name for her, I thought either "Cherry" or maybe "Jean" (y'know, Phoenix?) So, any opinions out there? It's gotta be better than "Reddy" *grin*.

Well, that's it for now... Just recovering from finishing putting together my bed frame with Clay. It only took 2 hours... so much cursing and swearing--the air must've been BLUE. I better start working on that inner peace and quiet mind stuff or I'm gonna be totally wound up! Finally we got 'er done. The bed is SO HIGH--I'll need a ladder to clamber up into her. But I love it. I still have to find the pic of the bed to post, so you can ogle it too. Now, off to my Ma's for lasagna and to try and *ignore* the fact that the weekend is coming to a close. :-(

  • Oh yeah, check out my pal John G's awesome manip of a Samus:
  • very cool!

    Adios muchachos--


    Eifriger said...

    I keep thinking of other name possibilities: Candy, Lipstick, Sassy, Ruby (Tuesday), Salsa, Scarlet, Carmine...


    Dropped it off at Frank's.. now I wait! ACK.

    Eifriger said...

    WHHOOOHAAA! 3 thumbs up! She is a *go*. Now all's I gotta do is pay the balance to the dude and sign the papers, undt she is mein. yay!

    Susie suggested "Cherry Bomb" as a name which I like.. Could you imagine a little cherry bomb painted on the side? *teehee*

    Nhoj said...

    Cherry Bomb huh, humm...Well I though about it for a while and could only come up with the following: Red Scarlet, Red Lightning, a friend suggested Speed of Red, but then I was like..humm Flash! nono The Flash!!!!

    Eifriger said...

    Actually the logo for the Flash would look awesome on the hood! Cool suggestion :-D

    Anonymous said...

    The only name possible is "Frankly" as in "Frankly Scarlet, I couldn't give a damn."
    Barb (Your nursery school teacher so you can trust me!) Tee hee.