Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Shimmy to the Laundromat

Or was is Wiggle to the Laundromat? I forget. It's some crazy Dennis Lee book from the '70s anyhow! But that is neither here nor there. I have SHIMMIED and the SHIMMY was good! And my poor ass is *sore*! But it was good fun. I have to get me a hip scarf with bojangle deelies on it so I can be as cool as my instructor. OR, more likely, I'll stand on the side and shuffle around trying to watch peoples' feet and attempting to figure out the "travelling steps" we're learning.

This week... I've been doing TAMs. The less said the better! :-D For more information on TAMs, see the archives. WHEEEEEEeee!! And no, TAMs is not some Scottish affectation. In fact, it has nothing to do with Scotland at all.

I finished
  • Charles de Lint's "The Blue Girl"
  • and enjoyed it very much. I love CdL and have read his stuff since 1986. That's like TWENTY YEARS of fabulous Canadian cool urban-faerie weavings. Thanks Charles! :-) I really enjoyed the book. It's teen fic, but I've never let that stop me from reading anything. Heck, I still love Anne McCaffrey and she's supposedly for teens as well. Piffle!

    Also--Clay shanghaied me to see "V for Vendetta" last night at the AMC. It was amazing. I went in knowing *nothing* about co-creator
  • Alan Moore's comic
  • and came out with weepy eyes, staggering and going *whoaaaaa*. I highly recommend this film! Now I must root around in Clay's comic boxes and find the original comic to read. Wow. (**note, I KNOW that Alan Moore didn't like the film--that's cool. I liked it. I'll update later when I read the comics..)

    So! Tomorrow, more TAMs (probably) and maybe beer with LH after work, if I'm good. I have to get a bunch of art done for people, AND find JG's disk *sorry man!* and what else... c'est tout. Talk l8r,



    Anonymous said...

    *shimmy shimmy shimmy*??? haha.

    its no problemo.. I was acutally of thinking youd KEEP the bloody things and Ill download it again.
    haha.. But its all cool! Good luck with the next dancing lesson!


    Eifriger said...

    Well, who knows...maybe the disks will turn up this weekend! It's choas my friend! :-P Thanks for the well wishes with the's a total blast :-D