Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Friday, February 10, 2012

Who reviews the reviewers?

I am in great spirits! Creatively, February is my 'go' month, I believe, thanks to St. Brigid (who reigns over fire and creativity n__n). I also think that part of my creative burn also stems from February 1st being Hourly Comic Day (invented by John Campbell)

I finally was able to scan and post my Hourlies and you can find them on my Deviantart page! Huzzah! I find it hilarious that I reference 'Iron Chef' not only this year, but last hear as well. What can I say, mysteriously, after my Gastric Bypass, I became interested in the Cooking Network.

Another very Cool Thing that has happened was receiving my contributors copies of the 'The Antigonish Review' Winter 2012 issue. I reviewed Carol Little's "Hide Your Life Away"; which actually was featured in the Hourly Comics 2011 and 2012 (coincidence?! :-) To read the review of Carol's book, head on over to the Antigonish Review's site.

The Comic Jam has been going very well as of late. I just finished uploading the January Jam's art and tweaking the site. The Orleans/ East End Comix Jam, run by Dwight Williams on the 3rd Friday of the month has had two meetings so far and the artwork is posted.

Also, for fun, Westin Church, Nadine Fazio, Clayton Jacobs, Colleen Temple and I started the 'ArgleBlargle Art Blog of Collective Creativity' to try and boost each other's creative impetus. It has been fun so far. I should be posting links to some of our ancient "Drink & Draws" on the site, which date back to 2005 or so (I think?)

In the meantime, I am keeping busy planning my Next Big Road Trip which is from here (Ottawa, ON) to Key West FL with my Mom. We have been accumulating some cool incidental desinations to check out in our travel-log, but if anyone has some suggestions, feel free to share!

All best, and big hugs