Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

jiggle wiggle giggle

Whew! I'm just coming down from my first bellydance class. What fun! It was a great group of beginners & cool seeing my teacher Lisa-Marie again. The music was exotic with infectious beats and increasing tempos! I felt like not only did I have two left feet..but I didn't care! I wiggled and jiggled all around, tried to keep up, tried to *remember* key moves, forgot things and kept moving. What a blast!

Looking fwd to next week's class :-D

There is still a possibility of joining the Intermediate class if anyone's into it. That would be a hoot, just getting more dancing in. Check the instructions in the previous post if you need help.

Work was ok; we finished up the next phase of PISA today which was kind've surreal. We've been plugging away at this particular part for a few weeks now! All the moisture has been sucked out of my fingers and my brain is putty.

It was good getting 2gether for coffee and Bridgehead sandwiches with Leah after work and reminding myself that I DO have in fact, a functioning brain! It just took a bit for the old engine to kick over. Thank goodness :-) We had a nice drive to Westboro beach and walked around a bit. There were ducks out! Cool :-) Ducks are like, the *happiest* birds around. Have you ever seen anything as happy as a duck sitting in a little puddle of water?

Anyway.. the bed calls.. and I must answer.


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Eifriger said...

For those of you who NEED to know what that yellow dot on my elbow is: a stray post-it.

for you JG! :-D