Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Riding the pony

Sometimes you are sitting at the bottom of your well, wondering how you are going to climb back into that broken bucket and haul yourself up the frayed rope. Sometimes you're peering down the well, rolling your last penny between your fingers and wondering if it's worth trying to make another useless wish...or should you just hang onto the penny.

Sometimes you're the chiquita who hauls up the bucket full of pennies and gets to go dancing like a madwomyn at the Lasses of Fairmont's Amazing Leprechaun Shindig! Those are the good days :-)

Today was busy as all get out. It was release day at work, and the publication I work on came out in magazine (ie: paper) form, as opposed to its monthly digital appearance. I got to run all over the three Stats buildings with our little cart, hand-delivering the shiny new Spring issue. Unfortunately, my distro list was 30% inaccurate, which was a tad annoying. Still, I got to see all kinds've neat places, from the bowels of the Main Bldg. to the 26th floor of the Coats Tower. Everyone was nice and helped to direct me where I needed to go.

When I got back to my wee cubicle, it was just in time to get my ass in to our weekly production meeting. Where, to my horror and dismay, our Editor-in-Chief pointed out not just one typo in my Minutes file from the last meeting, but TWO. And of course, the offending sentence included the name of our Division's Director. *le sigh*

It was kinda funny though. It read: "Runing..the a high income..blah blah de blah" So of course I got an image of our boss casting runes on a tablecloth with pot smoke everywhere, looking all bleary-eyed and grinning. It was supposed to be "Running", not Runing and "tight" not high. I blamed the problem on the fact that I didn't have my glasses at the time! Anyway, everyone had a good chuckle at my expense and I drew a doodle to commemorate my gaff.

The next thing I did was update the distro list, with people's FULL NAMES and up-to-date locations, so I wouldn't look like a knob three months from now as I circulate, at a loss, going "Where's P. Macdonald?" And getting the blank stare and: "Oh, he moved over to the Health Building 2 1/2 months ago!". Groan!!

Much work, but it was good. I would rather have stuff to do, than not enough. Or a nice mixture of stuff with downtime (so I can get a coffee in.)

After work, I eased my wee Echo out of the snow-bound parking lot and headed for my appointment with Dr. Bishop. I've been going there since Feb 12th and so far have lost about 18 lbs. Which is super. I thought that I would have had a worse time of it at my weigh-in today, after my jaunt to PEI and all the drinking, munching and carrying on that went on, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

You know, it almost never is. You imagine the absolute worst, looming over you with pointed teeth; you imagine: failing your interview, being laughed at, gaining 20 lbs., crashing your car. And what happens is usually nowhere near as bad. Nobody is really staring at you, you only gained 2 lbs., having a missing right-hand mirror means you don't scrape other cars as know ;-)

Blah! So there, my verbal diarrhea dribbles to an end.
Some cool and exciting things....
I found a link to the Charlatan Interview I gave last year, but never got a chance to see. Not too bad!
Upcoming... Capital Xtra reporter Lara Purvis has lined up an interview with yours truly. That should be lots of fun.
I am also working on a logo for QWO's (Queer Women Ottawa) revamped website, and also there will be a BI-WEEKLY comic strip appearing there. Brace yourselves!

Ok, I'll be quiet now. My bed is calling my name.

Citizen article on Dr. Bishop about carbs and the like!
A video about LadyFest from Capital Xtra, with reporter Lara Purvis!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Magic Cauldron online comic!

If you haven't checked it out already, head on over to the Kunstpike Art Flog for links to my 24 Hour Comics Day effort, recently uploaded to the DragonHead Studio site! Wicked :-)))

NEWSFLASH! DragonHead Studio presents Westin Church's fabulous "Harry Hotdog in the Land of Linguini". Check out the delightful adventures of a talking hotdog. Really! From the 24 Hour Comics Day party that brought you "The Magic Cauldron".