Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Like a molasses snail in January

Zurg. Slow *slow* day. Thank G*d tomorrow is Friday! Maybe that made it go even slower -hmmm-! Our production over the last week on labelling, bookletting, organizing, QCing etc was TOO FAST. So now we have to slow down! But it's all good. I mean, we get paid the same amount, no matter what speed we go. But the day just drags. And it's weird, you make *more* mistakes when you go slower. I don't know if it's just the mind turning to pudding, or being numb or what, but that's what it felt like.

Tomorrow we're going out for lunch at the "Fast Food Garden" at Holland Cross. They have deeeelish (and fast--no kidding :-) broccoli, tofu and noodles. And eggrolls. YUM. Something to look forward to. In the evening, depending on what happens, I might go to the Psychic Fair at the Congress Centre with Susie, Diana and John--we'll see. I still have to get the ownership transferred on me car and plates and the like. Dunno.

Wednesday night was awesome. Put the cheque in the bank, so my cheque that I wrote for bellydance lessons wouldn't bounce (always good, since TD upped their rates on rubber cheques to like $37.50 or something :-O). Lessons start after Easter! That should be fun; it's with my old Goddess Size Bellydance teacher Sha' Vega (also a primo potter--check out her blog in my links area--under Serafin!) Basically when I took it before, it was a class filled with large jiggly ladies and we just laughed and laughed and jiggled around for an hour and a half *whee!*.

I met up with Leah at Bridgehead to chat, then we wandered around Westboro and ogled the little shops, finally ending up in a nice little Italian coffee shop where she got some freshly roasted beans! I drove her home, then headed back myself, wondering if I would get back before having to turn on my (still burnt out) lights.

It's awesome bouncing ideas off each other and getting excited about the Project. I have to use Allie (my Mustang) a few more times to transport material from Stittsville here--one item is my transformed wringer washer, that I use for paper-making. THAT'LL be fun. I don't know if it'll even fit in the hatchback.

Well, I should go and make food. And wait for my insurance dude to phone. Apparently all the computers are down at the Head Office in Toronto. *sigh* :-P


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