Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Friday, April 21, 2006

Passing notes

Yes, we've been reduced to playing HANGMAN on Post-It notes at work. We're done our work assembling all the envelopes and labels and we're offically back on TAMs! AUgh. So, to pass the time, we've been playing movie genre guessing games together.

Which was fine when we could email! But then, we were encouraged *not* to email while keying. SIGH. How to stay awake during the horrific TAMs???? Well...there is an internal computer messaging system called NetHail which contacts specific users on their PC's! Yay! Our game was saved; we NetHailed all morning and John got stumped on the above clue.

The answer?? GODZILLA!!! (He did get a little help from ChippEric tho'!)

And of course we got caught by our Supervisor NetHailing. John stuck to his guns and didn't turn me in, but Susie snitched in 2 seconds and our cover was blown. Next, we had a 10 second meeting telling us that not only was NetHail an important technical tool used solely by the LAN guys, but that it was really easy to accidentally NetHail the ENTIRE Stats Can staff if you weren't careful. Oopsie. Don't you just love the thought of mailing the entire staff something lame like "Wait, the Sound of Music isn't a genre film!?" *sighhh*

So, no communication. Except.. yes, we've regressed to passing notes. But it helped make the Friday go faster.

Then we had delicious buffet at the Easy Garden in Bells Corners with William and his family. CRABLEGS FREE FOR ALL. The staff cowered when William strode through the door (and rightfully so.)

All in all, I'm glad the week's over!



JoVE said...

Bad enough you have to do boring repetitive work but that sort of management style is just kooky. If the work gets done....

BTW, I live not far from where you work and am working from home and homeschooling the kid these days. If you want to get together for lunch sometime, just let me know. She's added drawing to the list of stuff she wants to learn.

S.C. said...

"...No matter how menial a job, or no matter how boring it seems to be, I would like to think that pride in what we do and the fact that we get paid to do it should be uppermost in our minds. We must be conscientious and take care..."

Eifriger said...

Good hearing from you Jove! Yeah, it definitely can be a not-so-fun place to be sometimes. It's a good thing that there are a bunch of cool folks to hang out with. Makes all the diff :-)

Glad to hear that your daughter's into the art thang! Maybe some Wed. or Thur. afternoon I can swing by :-D (My lunches are a piddly 1/2 hour long!)