Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Mustang on the lawn

For fun, here is a short email correspondence with my buddy Barb, a wonderful, lovely lady & an old friend from WAY back :-D

> Barb wrote:
> > And.....from checking out your the Mustang gone, gone , gone. The last vestige of Dorothy?...............gone?
> >

> Hiya Barb ;-)
> The Mustang is still here.. but possibly not for long, now that I have my shiny candy Echo. I do feel some poignancy.. I had her for 10 years! We've been on crazy road trips down East & all over the place.. and yeah, it's pretty much the last vestige of Nanna that I had.. For your pleasure, a piccy. (and, yeahp, if you know anyone looking for a 25 year old Mustang...?)
> hugs!
> Suzanne

> Barb wrote:

Why let the Mustang go? It's part of your family heritage. I'm sure your neighbours would be good sports if you turned it into a lawn ornament. Ya know, just like on the reserve. Put it on blocks in your front yard, leave the doors open, spread some soil in it and grow flowers. Open the hood and insert a nice, big, plastic Virgin Mary sculpture and light it up with Xmas lights. Leave the trunk open and collect found objects in it in sculptural form. Hub caps, fence posts, Javex bottles, pop cans, beer bottles, bundles of chicken wire. It will be great. Something to talk about with people who wander by.


Hmm.. Mustang as a lawn ornament? Possibilities.... *wink*
Cheers all

To see an ad for the above 'stang, please click below:

    Anonymous said...

    Uh Oh! I could be in trouble. I really hope noone thinks I'm dissing reserve life. I lived it for years, enjoyed being able to create a lawn ornament without judgement and really hope Suzanne will spread the looooooove and be creative too.
    P.S. I have some chicken wire saved up. I'd be willing to contribute it. Perhaps a list of potential contributions could be started. Hee, heee.

    Eifriger said...

    Cool! Maybe if you come up to visit and no one has snapped up my lovely 'Stang, we could do a lawn decorating project with it! Chicken wire is soo useful. If we do it the right way, my rabbit might even be able to use it as a place to live :-D