Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
pic by Allan Amato

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rolling up the sleeves and gettin' 'er done

This is it, man--this is the time, now is the moment.
Friday, October 17th at 8:00pm, DragonHead Studio will transform from its usual organized mess into a razor's edge of creative instensity. We have confirmed artists, we have grub, we have supplies! We're ready!

For your amusement and to get you excited about the upcoming Event, here are some pics from last year's challenge, where much great artwork was produced and new friendships solidified! Just think, this time next year, you could be looking a sweet collection of photos from the upcoming weekend. If you act quickly, your mug might even be profiled! Ya never know...

Speaking of mugs, here's yours truly at Kanata Centrum, picking up Westin Church from the shuttle pick-up point.

The table at the studio in progress, covered in artwork, drinks and supplies. Meaghan Quinn surveys her efforts.

Left to right, Keith Savage, Westin Church, Lynette O'Brien and Meaghan Quinn, sometime in the middle of the night (probably before 2 am or so, since Keith headed off to sleep in his tent around then). Lynette had dropped by to shower us with support around 10pm, but mistakenly went to the wrong house. No one was home! Finally she heard the sounds of cussing and Frank Sinatra and made her way to the corrrect locale of the "do".

Westin catches 40 winks in the company of the world's coolest cat, Arlo, star of many of my comics. Westin's allergy medication was labouring hard to keep him going. With minor setbacks, he was still able to complete the gut-splitting tale of "Harry Hotdog in the Land of Linguini".

Yours truly, showing off the fruits of labour sometime in the wee hours of the morning. You can see by the 1,000-mile stare that the coffee had finally proved useless and the sugar crash had long ago happened. Still, it was a fun excersize!

Keith Savage (OMBRELLA) and Westin Church at Kanata Centrum, heading home after the event. Look how happy they are to escape back home to get some shut-eye! Lucky people!

Now, wouldn't YOU like to see yourself in these pics? You can! There's still a couple of spaces left if you're into it. Just contact me, via email, phone or psychic transmission. Check out the group on Facebook (24 Hour Comic day at DragonHead Studio) for info.

Confirmed 24 Hour comic artists this year include:

Suzanne Marsden:
Hostess, owner of DragonHead Studio, animator, traditional comic artist, writer.
Robert (Guang) Yap:
Animator, traditional comic artist, storyboard artist
Meaghan Quinn:
Web comic artist "Eat the Roses"
Clayton Jacobs:
Traditional comic artist, animation, novelist
Christopher Rudderham:
Web comic artist, "Sailorsun"

Participants confirmed for the 12 hour comic challenge

Keith Savage:
RPG systems inventor, animator, filmmaker, novelist.
James Fletcher:
Teacher, sculptor, member of the National Capital Network of Sculptors, Ottawa.

Check links to their work--this is going to be a phenomenal 24 Hour Comic party!

Plus, you can look forward to seeing it assembled as a documentary by talented filmmaker Randy Kelly!

Cheers, and to those who can't make it-- perhaps next year? It seems like it is becoming an annular event ;-)

Thursday, September 04, 2008

October 17th - 18th 2008 24 Hour Comics Day Party!

If you read too many blogs, you could end up like the people in the above pic. Barring on!

I was talking with Westin the other day; Westin, the dude who is getting married (to fiancée Nadine!)Sept 17th, and for whom I am donning a tux and being the 'Best Ma'am'(just finished writing my speech this morning--yay!).

I said; 'buddy, wish we could get together to draw, but I know you're busy with your wedding coming up and all'. And he said 'Sue--what about next month?'
'Next month?'
'Hey I think Nat'l 24 Hour Comics Day is in October sometime... Wanna do it?'
'What, are we insane?'
'Still, if I only complete 1 comic a year...'
(SFX swelling of orchestral music)

(And now a cheat-repost from October 2007 [abridged])

With the event [a little over a month] away, folks must be getting excited and stoked for the exhausting, illuminating and one-of-a-kind experience ONLY this kind've gathering can evoke. I know that I am! And it is not too late to take part. Simply contact me with your interest and questions, or sign on to the Facebook group and request to be included on the event list. You will receive maps, and can participate in a carpool or shuttle bus to DragonHead Studio's cozy locale in Urban Kanata.

Ample drawing, painting & comic-creating material will be provided, along with a selection of caffeinated beverages ;-) [NOT coffee-beer though; man that was gross last year :-P] and foods. We do support vegetarians; just let us know your needs. We also have a large collection of animals living with us, so if you need it, prep your system with anti-allergy medication. DragonHead has a secure area if you wish to bring a tent and camp. We also will be providing up to eight places for people to sleep, should they require napping during the event, or cannot complete their comic projects and must sleep.

You have nothin' to lose by giving this a try! You will discover creative depths in your heart you didn't know existed! If you are experiencing artist's or writer's block, this event will kick the hell out of it. You will amaze yourself by what bubbles up in the middle of the night... Go for it!

To get a feel for what others have experienced during previous events, check out YouTube. There are tons of clips showing comic artists and even a couple of interviews with the inventor of the 24 Hour Comic, Scott McCloud!

Contact me via my website, The 24 Hour Comics Day at DragonHead Studio Group on Facebook, or by calling 613-323-3377 and leaving a detailed voice message.

Cheers and all best

PS -- For detailed information regarding the 24 Hour Comic and what it is exactly, refer to Scott McCloud's web page. Here, he explains what it is, how he came up with it and shows copious pages of completed 24 Hour Comics. Inspiring!

[PPS-- check out 24 Hour comics Day participants from last year's successful event at DragonHead Studio! Westin Church's "Harry Hotdog and the Land of Linguini", and Suzanne Marsden's "The Magic Cauldron!"]

PPPS--NEWSFLASH - Randy Kelly, noted filmmaker, is planning to document the event at DragonHead Studio October 17th - 18th!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Will draw for the looooong green!

Clayton bumped into an old work-mate of his on the train the other day. She said she'd been getting some work via Guru and suggested that he get on there and get some work too! Clay told me about it, and lo--that is exactly what I have done. Jumped aboard!

So, if you are interested in commissioning any artwork, drawings, writing, poetry, illustrations, graphics, small sculptures out of Fimo from me, now is your chance!

Sign up as an employer and put a job together and "Invite me" to do it for you. My online name is DragonHead Studio, but I'm sure hunting around for me by my good ol' handle will net you my page: Suzanne Marsden.

You have nothing to lose! For $25.00 minimum you can get a bona fide chunk of original artwork! Wow!!


PS--below are samples of the some of the cards I've been doing lately.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Hide Your Life Away"

Hello believers, and the morbidly curious :-) No, I ain't dead; at least not from the neck up. Facebook, Scrabulous and Hasbro are in a peeing contest, so now I have nothing left to occupy my small pieces of free time at lunch (at work).

So, I thought: should write on that damned Blog sometime, or it'll get cancelled! Yoiks :-O

So today, I am plugging Carol Little's debut novel "Hide Your Life Away". Actually, you can check out a for 'rizzle quote by yours truly if you hop on over to her writer's blog (at least for the next little while...then it'll get replaced by someone more say, Lorne Elliott *grin*).

I had the pleasure of reading Carol's work about a month ago and truly enjoyed it. She wrote it at the same time as I was writing "La Tierra del Meurto", during the 3-Day Novel Contest last Labour Day Weekend. The only difference being, her book is actually finished and mine is still languishing in a box in my basement. Oh, and her book is funnier than mine. My book isn't that funny. Although there is an adequate amount of shed blood and crazy characters in both, I think.

I was actually considering signing on for another round of the 3-Day Novel Contest this year. I have the envelope and cheque in my bag. Then I talked to my Mom. (Who is eternally practical--the quintessential Virgo!) Mom said "Why don't you take that weekend and finish the manuscript you started last year?" Perfect sense, no? Well, the envelope is still in the old bag..and you know what? I think I will take that time and do my own 3-Day Novel Contest.. 'cept it'll be more like Finishing Last Year's 3-Day Novel Contest instead :-)

But enough about my old hoss; which I will beat for 3 or 4 days this September. Let's talk about a hoss to bet on! Speaking of horses, that reminds me of Charles Bukowski, the best combination of poet and horse aficionado you can get. For those not familiar with Uncle Buk, here's a wee poem. (Special thanks to T. Anders Carson for initially turning me on to Bukowski btw..)

No. 6

I'll settle for the 6 horse
on a rainy afternoon
a paper cup of coffee
in my hand
a little way to go,
the wind twirling out
small wrens from
the upper grandstand roof,
the jocks coming out
for a middle race
and the easy rain making
at once
almost alike,
the horses at peace with
each other
before the drunken war
and I am under the grandstand
feeling for
settling for coffee,
then the horses walk by
taking their little men
it is funeral and graceful
and glad
like the opening
of flowers.

"Hide Your Life Away" is as gritty as a the bottom of Tom Waits' shoes, with situations that are mildly improbable in the way one knows Star Trek ships have been vacuumed to a 'T' but one never actually sees them being cleaned. Little works the mechanics behind the story with artful ease, not showing her sleeves and not making the machinery creak.

The dialogue (and this book is dialogue heavy) is pert, funny, real, not over-the-brow high-and-mighty, and wry. Someone said of the book that it would make a great play, and with the spare backgrounds and flavourful dialogue, fun, crazy and yes even some achingly normal characters peppering it like cloves in a pot-pourri, I totally believe it would translate well to the stage.

Although the pace is not overly quick-moving, the book itself is. The pages flew under my fingertips as I tasted the greasy food, stale cigarettes and embedded roofing nails firsthand. That's what you get for escaping to the roof of one's shed with a bucket of KFC, a packet of Belmont Milds and a few loose nails to play with I guess.

Little casts her strings open and reels in the nets; she wraps the story neatly, pulling it all together to form a fantastic web that glitters and entices and ultimately delivers a satisfying conclusion.

You can pre-order "Hide Your Life Away" on, you can check out excerpts, see snippets of fun info on Carol's blog or join the Facebook Group "Hide Your Life Away by Carol Little". It is a refreshing work that is especially appealing in a time when news-bits, blogs, two penny articles per click and headlined magazine articles no one reads are the alternative. It stands out and is immediately appealing: the characters are kids in our time, the book is short but punchy and tastes as good as it sounds.

For a bit on Carol's scholarly background, read the fresh article in Carleton University's The Charlatan!

Forthcoming from this September 23rd!
Editor: Lisa Cole
Cover photography: Shayli Vere
Cover model: Nathan Wiley
Graphics and layout: Troy Little.
Publisher: Meanwhile Studios; First edition
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0973997117
ISBN-13: 978-0973997118

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Riding the pony

Sometimes you are sitting at the bottom of your well, wondering how you are going to climb back into that broken bucket and haul yourself up the frayed rope. Sometimes you're peering down the well, rolling your last penny between your fingers and wondering if it's worth trying to make another useless wish...or should you just hang onto the penny.

Sometimes you're the chiquita who hauls up the bucket full of pennies and gets to go dancing like a madwomyn at the Lasses of Fairmont's Amazing Leprechaun Shindig! Those are the good days :-)

Today was busy as all get out. It was release day at work, and the publication I work on came out in magazine (ie: paper) form, as opposed to its monthly digital appearance. I got to run all over the three Stats buildings with our little cart, hand-delivering the shiny new Spring issue. Unfortunately, my distro list was 30% inaccurate, which was a tad annoying. Still, I got to see all kinds've neat places, from the bowels of the Main Bldg. to the 26th floor of the Coats Tower. Everyone was nice and helped to direct me where I needed to go.

When I got back to my wee cubicle, it was just in time to get my ass in to our weekly production meeting. Where, to my horror and dismay, our Editor-in-Chief pointed out not just one typo in my Minutes file from the last meeting, but TWO. And of course, the offending sentence included the name of our Division's Director. *le sigh*

It was kinda funny though. It read: "Runing..the a high income..blah blah de blah" So of course I got an image of our boss casting runes on a tablecloth with pot smoke everywhere, looking all bleary-eyed and grinning. It was supposed to be "Running", not Runing and "tight" not high. I blamed the problem on the fact that I didn't have my glasses at the time! Anyway, everyone had a good chuckle at my expense and I drew a doodle to commemorate my gaff.

The next thing I did was update the distro list, with people's FULL NAMES and up-to-date locations, so I wouldn't look like a knob three months from now as I circulate, at a loss, going "Where's P. Macdonald?" And getting the blank stare and: "Oh, he moved over to the Health Building 2 1/2 months ago!". Groan!!

Much work, but it was good. I would rather have stuff to do, than not enough. Or a nice mixture of stuff with downtime (so I can get a coffee in.)

After work, I eased my wee Echo out of the snow-bound parking lot and headed for my appointment with Dr. Bishop. I've been going there since Feb 12th and so far have lost about 18 lbs. Which is super. I thought that I would have had a worse time of it at my weigh-in today, after my jaunt to PEI and all the drinking, munching and carrying on that went on, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

You know, it almost never is. You imagine the absolute worst, looming over you with pointed teeth; you imagine: failing your interview, being laughed at, gaining 20 lbs., crashing your car. And what happens is usually nowhere near as bad. Nobody is really staring at you, you only gained 2 lbs., having a missing right-hand mirror means you don't scrape other cars as know ;-)

Blah! So there, my verbal diarrhea dribbles to an end.
Some cool and exciting things....
I found a link to the Charlatan Interview I gave last year, but never got a chance to see. Not too bad!
Upcoming... Capital Xtra reporter Lara Purvis has lined up an interview with yours truly. That should be lots of fun.
I am also working on a logo for QWO's (Queer Women Ottawa) revamped website, and also there will be a BI-WEEKLY comic strip appearing there. Brace yourselves!

Ok, I'll be quiet now. My bed is calling my name.

Citizen article on Dr. Bishop about carbs and the like!
A video about LadyFest from Capital Xtra, with reporter Lara Purvis!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Magic Cauldron online comic!

If you haven't checked it out already, head on over to the Kunstpike Art Flog for links to my 24 Hour Comics Day effort, recently uploaded to the DragonHead Studio site! Wicked :-)))

NEWSFLASH! DragonHead Studio presents Westin Church's fabulous "Harry Hotdog in the Land of Linguini". Check out the delightful adventures of a talking hotdog. Really! From the 24 Hour Comics Day party that brought you "The Magic Cauldron".

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Rattus Adorabilus

Happy Chinese New Year!
Yes, I have to say that I am in my element (elephant?) For too long, I have had to endure the revulsion and petty put-downs of the anti-rat majority that surrounds me. Now I can spin around and say "It's the bluidy Year of the Bluidy Rat! Innit! So what're YOU goin' ta do aboot it? Yeh bluidy piece o' ... (rage rage in fake Scots accent)"*

Anyway, I've been a proponent of rat rights since I got turned onto them by a combination of a gfriend who LOVED rats, songs about rats (and mice JT's "One Brown Mouse") and Bryan Talbot's lovely, hardcore comic "The Tale of One Bad Rat" from Dark Horse Comics.

The differences between a wild animal, no matter what its ilk and its domestic brethren basically underline the differences that folk feel about rats. On the one hand you have the cutest, cuddliest most loving of animals, tucked into your sleeve or pocket, nipping chips right out of your fingers and chewing contentedly, delighted at their cleverness. On the other hand (the wild hand) you have a clever, resourceful, slippery rodent intent on the survival of itself and its progeny.

What's the diff between how a wild animal works at survival, and thus lives on the fringes of our world, and say the domestic creature that curls happily at our feet, eager for a bit of attention and a scratch behind the ears? Compare wild dogs with domestic ones; wild cats with their slacker cousins. Yes, wild rats with those that have been tamed.

(For comparison, I present WILD, DOMESTIC & BABY DOMESTIC animals of the canine, feline and rodent variety.)

Rats are smart, can learn their name (unlike many "pocket pets" of the hamster/ gerbil/ variety), learn tricks, are quite clean (groom themselves all the time), enjoy the company of people, especially if there aren't any friendly rats to hang out with and are affordable, easy to take care of and utterly satisfying as a pet. They can even be litter trained! (Traditionally, one puts out small pans of litter for them, but there's a video on Youtube of a pouched rat using a toilet!)
They have a horrible reputation because of the continued resourcefulness, and fight to survive that their wild ancestors and cousins possess. Rats, because of their intelligence and tenacity are very difficult to outwit, capture, poison and kill. They live alongside us because it is convenient for their survival to do so. Where else can you get food, warmth, cover and (relative) safety in which to raise your babies? If our fates were reversed and humankind lived in the walls, I'm sure we'd be much the same pest to our giant Rat Overlords. (Check out "Of Men and Monsters" by William Tenn for a feel of walking a mile in teeny tiny rat shoes...)

Anyway, I'm not going to change the opinion of the die-hard rat-hater, or genuine rodent-o-phobe. Especially if you're from a country where you're in direct competition with these guys for survival and they're wrecking your grain and giving you a hard time.

If, on the other hand, you hate rats "just cause" or "because of the tail", perhaps you can be swayed. Do some research; cruise the web. Check out how Gambian pouched rats are saving peoples' lives by helping with mine detection in war-torn countries (Excellent video about them being used in Mozambique.) Read "The tale of one bad rat". Read Robert Sullivan's "Rats". Open your mind to the possibility that a pet doesn't necessarily have to star as one of the good guys in cartoons to be a suitable pet for a child. I would bet money that more kids get savaged by gerbils than by pet rats. Seriously!
Check out the various ratteries near you and other pro-rat sites to read stories and see pictures of domestic rats. There is nothing cuter than a 4 week old rattie baby. They look like Hamtaros. Really. Baby rats look just like puppies. Except you don't have to walk them when they get bigger (unless you consider letting them explore your couch, walking :-)

At this point, you probably think I have exhausted my ratness. However, I have barely tickled the surface of this subject. (Most people probably left the building during my rant in brogue.) The next bit of the Blog deals with the interesting mythology of rats, with regard to the Chinese Year of the Rat and their position in the first house of the Astrological wheel.

..."Fable has it that all the animals were asked to report to the Emperor on Chinese New Year day. Only the first twelve to reach the palace were to be rewarded with a year named after them. Since then, each year has been represented by an animal with its own distinctive characteristic and fate...people born in each animal's year would have some of that animal's personality. Those born in rat years tend to be leaders, pioneers, and conquerors. They are charming, passionate, charismatic, practical and hardworking"...

Zodiac Location: 1st
Ruling hours : 11pm-1am
Direction: North
Season and month: Winter, December
Chinese Lunar Month For The Rat: December 7 to January 5
Gemstone: Garnet
Colours: Black, red, white
Lucky Number: 11
Polarity: Yang
Element: Water

Positive Traits: Meticulous, intelligent, shrewd, compassionate, charismatic, charming, ambitious, practical, industrious, honest, eloquent, versatile, familial, creative, hard-working, neat, organized, lovers of music, loving.
Negative Traits: Controlling, obstinate, resentful, little humour, manipulative, cruel, vengeful, power-driven, critical, possessive, stingy, bossy, fickle, defensive

Compatible with: Dragon, Monkey, Ox
So-So: Snake, Rat, Dog, Tiger
Incompatible: Rabbit, Rooster, Horse, Pig, Sheep

Year of the Rat Zodiac & Astrology for 2008.
Check out Wiki for more on fancy rats, as well as cute rat pictures. There's also a page on Gambian rats there too!
Fascinating page on rat biology & behavior, written and compiled by Dr. Anne Hanson.
Delightful video of rats fishing ice cubes from a glass, courtesy of Carole Nelson at Lil Ratscals Rattery.
American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association link.
Thanks Mary for letting me know about Google's cute Rat icon! :-)

* I blame the outrageous accent on reading a pile of Lee Kennedy's fantastic comics online this morning. Then reading more from The Girly Comic...
these things happen...

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It's the Season For Romance

What could be more romantic than a story of a slightly crazy girl and her very special...friend. Yes, "Ivy & Dummy" is the modern story for our age. Ivy is an innocent chiqua who finds Burris ("Dummy") on a park bench and decides to bring him home. The story of their adventures lives in the tiny black and white mini-comic I made, wayy back in 2000, and it also lives in the show that I was working on with Decode Entertainment a couple of years ago.

It's all "still in the works", but for your viewing pleasure, Geoff Marshall, the fellow at Chromacide who directed and provided the flash animation for the pilot, kindly posted it on his 2006 reel page. Enjoy!

See the short.
Order a mini-comic. (I need a minimum number of requests before I'll reprint the original mini!)
Not convinced? Read the fabulous review at Broken Pencil!
Go check out Decode Entertainment. Send them an email asking when "Ivy & Dummy" will be broadcast on TV??
Check out Geoff Marshall at Chromacide.
Email Geoff and give him a big thumbs up for all that hard work. Maybe we'll join forces again. Ya never know.

"Ivy & Dummy" is (c) 2008 Suzanne Marsden & Decode Entertainment Inc.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Ok, my computer is possessed at work by infernal gremlins! That is the only thing I can think of to account for the bizarre behavior of programs that seem to work perfectly fine on my supervisor's computer. Very strange indeed. Hopefully our lovely IT lady can beat some manners into the little so-n'-sos...

Thanks for everyone who showed interest in my pal Leah's furniture. We have sold the EQ3 table! Yay! The gorgeous chair and ottoman are still up for grabs through. And, at an affordable $300.00, you can't go wrong. Solid beech wood (not IKEA) and faux suede make it super comfy and relaxing. You knowww you want it ;-)) Drop me a line and let me know; I'll hook you up!

What else? I have been cobbling a site together for Chiqua Designs! Check it out and be wowed :-) Soon you'll be able to order one-of-a-kind, hand made jewelery pieces directly from Chiqua and be the envy of everyone in your neighbourhood! Trust me, you WILL!

The amazing bracelet shown above is one of Leah's pieces from Chiqua Designs that she made for my birthday last year. It is rose quartz, with a Goddess figure and an antique locket. Lovely, and unique. I've never seen anyone else with anything like it (and it fits!)

What else? Duh... Tuesdays don't seem to be agreeing with me. I spent most of today alseep, wavering from doing tables in Pagemaker for work to checking my Scrabulous tournament results on Facebook. I'm getting my ass handed to me (again) by Mr. Hemming *sigh*, but I gave a good ass-handing-back myself to another it's good. We'll see. Hopefully the tourney will come to a close before Hasbro rolls the whole thing up on us.

Must head for sleep... will write later when I have more fun things to report.
Go check out Chiqua!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

DEAD PERSON: [singing] I feel happy. I feel happy.

If you're wondering what THAT'S all about (title), then go on over to this Holy Grail site and enjoy Scene 2 all over again :-) I was initially going to name this post "I'm Not Dead", and then I was trying to remember how that scene went.. and that adding "You're not fooling anyone, you know" wouldn't make any sense. Oh well...damned Pythonophiles anyway :-P
The picture is of the Health building at Tunney's Pasture, taken from the 9th floor of the JT Bldg. No, it's not my office, but I often sit in the dedicated Internet office that this window fronts. It's no one's office. Anyone can go in there when they start going blind from gazing at their computer and want to look out the window. Well, actually they go in there and look at ANOTHER computer. I'm probably the only one that actually uses the window (that is, when I'm not updating my Scrabble games on Facebook...)

So, yes, the rumours of my death haven't been exaggerated. I returned to work Nov 26th... right around when I last posted to this Blog. Coincidence? I don't think so... I haven't stopped writing, just stopped posting (again, sorry.) I finished the NaNoWriMo in November, topping out at 50,400 words or so. I've been writing on completing that project on and off. I've also spent some time working on completing my 3-Day Novel Contest Entry and trying to turn it into an actual book. (The results are in, and sadly neither Carol L. nor I were winners. Oh well!)

The real victory was the completion of the work, and the submission of said work, not necessarily walking away with a gigantic prize. (Although I do like gigantic prizes.) It was also excellent practice to learn the rote of organization and time management. These two particular creatures are my nemeses (nemesesessss :-) Although a Virgo by birth, I am not naturally an organizational genius. I do it if I have to. And it has to be a life-or-death situation (like sorting out tax stuff. And even then, my Mom {another Virgo} had to help me out!)

In any case, I'm slowly being shoe-horned into a mold that is not really my natural environment. Organization, punctuality, coherence... Yeah yeah. All of it makes working in my new Division a little easier. Working in publications and not data capture makes it A LOT easier. I'm doing stuff I moderately enjoy, with a crew that respects me and appreciates what I do. Go figure! After designing the logo and the poster for the 20th anniversary of the publication we produce, I was even given a gift and a thank you card. I can't recall ever getting anything like that at a previous job. Ever!

So, yeah; it grates a bit, but the fit is loosening as I wear it. Like my shoes, it takes time to get comfortable in something new, especially a job. What really makes the difference is that I am splitting my time better between the 7:30 am - 3:30 pm work and my real work. I'm still drawing, writing, doing the things I love. If you can't do the things you love... what the hell are you doing?

I'm finding ways to keep happy: Tai Chi, Belly dancing, doing WW again and falling into the beautiful eyes of a lovely woman. I'm crazy crazy again, and it feels like hot and cold running water: ice and lava bursting across the planes of my skin. I write Haikus, I sip Bridgehead coffee, I fall deeper and deeper into the crevasses of her warmth and the glow of her smile. It is beautiful, and painful; a rush of wind and the sweet crystal silence of a winter wood. Who knows how it will all unravel. In the meantime, it is a wonderful ache that keeps it all rolling forward.

This is her chair, ottoman and table.
The table has been sold, but the chair and ottoman are still up for grabs: $300 negotiable :-) Send me an offer, and this lovely stuff could be yours. The chair and ottoman were newly purchased for about $700 a couple of years ago. I've tried them and they are in prime shape and super comfy. Check out the listing on Facebook!

Hanging in there by the skin of teeth and fingers.
I shall post more...serious :-)