Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
pic by Allan Amato

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Spinnin' Bifficus

First off, here's another sketch done with those awesome StatCan pencils. This is a fallen villain who has just been blasted by the heroine (the lady gripping blondie's chin!) I actually really liked the villain's outfit and have done some other drawings of her. Who knows who these two whackos are.

Next, we have a Feral Girl of some kind. I really like the way
  • Bill Willingham ("Ironwood", "Elementals")
  • draws hair. This guy *really* knows how to do hair. Take a look at his stuff, then go and get your
  • Jack Hamm "Drawing the Head and Figure"
  • book and just get busy. So this sketch was me trying to get all fancy with hair. Also, Bill Willingham's erotic drawings are also nice and inspirational :-D

    Anywayz, I WASN'T drawin' today, or listening to Bif Naked, with whom I have become enchanted. I was sticking stickers to booklets at work for our current project (PISA). Many *many* stickers, many *many* booklets. But the day passed quickly, the caf coffee was ok and I have another date Friday! Hurray :-) Green Door delights beckon and I must answer the call.

    "I go now, to return when a new day dawns, and I'm in human form once more..."
    Paul Chato from The Frantics, "Four on the Floor", late-80's comic genius :-D

    Cheers yo,

    Tuesday, March 28, 2006


    Once upon a time my sciatic nerve was all str8 and happy, and not compressed and f*cked up. Like... before I started doing Data Entry in fact! Coincidence? :-P Every now and then, I'll do something dumb-assed and get "all crooked" as my friend Moira M. says when her back goes out.

    So, my friend is Robaxacet and I'm trying not to bend over to do anything. This can be a challenge if a) you have to turn on water for a shower, b) your cat drops a fuzzy mouse at your feet and wants to play, c) you are trying to brush your teeth and *not* bend near the sink, d) anything involving getting dressed (try trying your shoes and not use your spine! Fun times...

    The weekend rocked however! After much bending, cursing, crying, taking of drugs and finally driving up to The Big Rideau Lake, I got settled with my buddies, food, freewheeling kids all over the place and muchos cervecas. Vicki's taste in music was superb and we grooved while catching up on all the news. I got Anders' latest copy of "Freefall" and an xtra one to mail 2 Carol L. in PEI! Hurrah :-)

    It's never long enough up at the cottage though. 2 days speeds by like a stock car race track through a Zen monastery: soul-fulfilling activities at 78 rpm. Then you get plunked back in your life feeling breathless, nourished and slightly dizzy (or nauseous--coulda been all the chippies we were eating too!)

    We introduced a newbie to the Joy that IS "Thumbwars" (If you haven't seen this, go, GO NOW and dload it from somewhere and prepare to laugh your guts out.) We also watched half of Monty Python's "Holy Grail" which was awesome. The kids all got to see the whole thing too. Yay! Yet another generation corrupted by those crazy Brits. I totally remember being like, 8 and watching the movie, taking the whole thing seriously and being confused and angry by the crappy ending. The ending is STILL crappy, but the movie is legendary.

    Well, off to try and str8n' myself out.

    PS--here's a shot of the cottage during a previous non-snowy visit :-)

    Friday, March 24, 2006

    Some drawings

    Above is a sketch I did a couple of weeks ago on rough 11 x 17 paper using a Bic #2 0.7 mm pencil. These pencils are THE BEST for quick sketching. They were chosen by my Supervisor at Stats Canada for filling out those little circles you get in surveys and stuff. She said she went through *tons* of pencils trying to find just the right one.. dark enough lead, super nice eraser to completely erase said lead.. and voila. She found it--and I *ahem* borrowed one from work to draw with at home. Thanks B.T. :-)

    So yeah, the 2nd drawing I sort've got inspired watching some 1950's TV Superman 1/2 hr. shows.. the Council on Krypton had these FUNKY leather collars, which I had to swipe. The first drawing reminds me of the psychotic chick from Kill Bill 1 (ok, ok there were a lot of 'em. You know.. GoGo? Anyway.. I like her hair.

    More doodles to come.


    Thursday, March 23, 2006

    Nourth Vancover

    tAM tee TAm...
    Some people can't spell--the above is a mild example of what I run into. I have also seen: Otowa, Hamlton and many other interesting efforts in BAD SPELiG! :-O

    I am alive! I went to the Museum to do the test..after driving down a long long long bumpy road (Pink Rd. in Gatineau btw--don't attempt this if your car is limping along with no shocks :-) Apparently 70% of the collection is housed out there instead of the castle downtown we all know & love (which mathematically must house the other 30 %)

    The test was basically manipulating 3 images then burning files to a disk. The first two were pretty easy, but the last one involved scanning a 5 x 4 transparency. They had little non-static Mickey Mouse gloves, a scanner that was bigger than my computer and an obvious absence of said scanner software shortcut on the desktop for me to use. SIGH. Needless to say, I tried, *tried* _tried_ to finish everything in the hour allocated, but was stymied not only by having to use software with which I was unfamiliar, but PhotoShop was biting my ass.


    So, less than impressive finish. We'll see what happenz..

    After, went to Pub Italia, drank Creemore and ate Jalapeno poppers with Leah H., who was not feeling so good. I got half an Uberkitty comic done while I was waiting for her (she *just* missed the #6 ! :-P) so that was cool. It was good recharging creative batteries with my buddy. We are cooking up some GOOD ideas! Yay :-)) Hopefully she'll feel bettah soon.

    So, nuff fer now. I go--**"to return when I'm in human form once more!" No.. I go--to get a Queen sized frame & headboard... the one I've been drooling over for months. Yayyyyyyyyyyy. Maybe I'll post a pic of it, if you're good.


    **kudos if anyone can figure out the origin (or spoof-origin) of that quote. HINT, it involves Canadian comedians, a cake and a bowling ball. An original doodle to the Winnah! :-)

    Tuesday, March 21, 2006

    Mini contest

    For no particular reason: Anyone wanna guess who the sexy pirate lady is? A free, original doodle goes to the winnah! :-) Good luck!
    Let's raise a toast to another buried Monday! The week rolls on and Tuesday is in the can too. Tomorrow is Payday, Wotan's Day, Hump Day etc etc--no one can truly be angry at a Wednesday can they?

    Got a call from a job I applied to last week with the Museum of Nature. They want me to come in for a test.. TOMORROW :-O So.. I only get a half day of hammering the Tam (for those of you who do not know the joy of TAM, I should refer you to an amusing link (stolen from Rob A.'s blog):

    Then I get to drive out to Aylmer somewhere and find the place where the test is being held. I have this gnawing scared-panicky feeling in my gut which I can do *nothing* to alleviate because a) I haven't a clue what the test is about, so therefore I can't prep for it and b) I don't have enough time to freak out over it cause it'll be over tomorrow (it's only an hour long) c) regardless, my imagination will conjure up horror after horror until the bloody thing is DONE.

    After the test, I will drive around for a bit, maybe hit Staples and get a mat thingie for the hardwood (to protect my studio's floor from getting gouged by my drafting chair.) Then, hopefully I'll meet Leah at Pub Italia for a brew or two. Then, Wednesday too, will be put to rest.


    Saturday, March 18, 2006

    1,000 mile stare

    Got my scanner working & stayed up way too late playing Bejeweled II (Thanks John G. :-O) and drinking beer (and working on the computer!) Now my eyes are bug-tired and I have the--what curled up in the back of my mouth and expired taste happening *yech*.

    Once I grind coffee and get a broccoli frittata started I'm sure I'll feel bettah, but for now... zz. Hope you like the pic above--I don't have PShop installed yet, so I had to manipulate her in PAINT. Ye Gods! Usually when I get home I draw from 5-10+ quick sketches while the TV is going... she came from one of those sessions. More to come!

    Now for chores: laundry, dishes, clean the rats, rabbit & cat paraphernalia, oh yeah and get some artwork together to apply for some Character Design Artist positions! Yeeeha :-D

    Bottoms up,

    Yo, check out this link to my LiveJournal with results of Which Superhero Are You Quiz.. it's kewl!

    Thursday, March 16, 2006


    No I'm not nuts yet, but just happy to be headin' to bed. At work, we finished counting the pamphlets--hurray! Then, as a reward, we got to key TAM (remember the uber-boring survey I was telling you about previously?) *sigh*

    After I got home, I cracked a Keiths and worked on the 'pooter for a bit, hoping that my talented WebMistress will update my site for me *hope-hope!!* :-) Then, met up with Clay at the Wizard's Tower in Kanata after he'd dropped off his resume at the Bulk Barn. It was cool being surrounded by comics again.. and as always, intimidating too. I alternately feel excited/good being in a comic store and terribly depressed as well. Nothing on the racks looked familiar--well, except for some TPBs of the Sandman, Tank Girl and some "Growing up Enchanted" comics too :-D

    All the myriad of X-titles jostling each other with characters that look like they're 12.. I mean, Wolverine isn't a kid for gosh sakes. I bet I would be lost trying to read them, utterly :-P Still, it was nice & Clay got a book and I scanned the dice at the cash.

    Then. Then we had supper at the Hong Chow next door...buffet! YUM :-))) We are exploring our environs..

    more 2morrow maybe

    Wednesday, March 15, 2006

    Yes, Hallowe'en was many moons ago.. What am I saying? This is how I dress normally :-D Sue the GREEN FAIRY. Now I have sorted out how to upload pics. Hurrah! More to come, when I scan some, that is.



    That's what your brain says when you count things way too much. I've been counting since 10:30am. 68,000 pamphlets, leetle bundles of 35 each. By the end of the day, William Y. was saying, hey, let's count in the language of our heritage: like French, Cantonese, German, Spanish. That was fun. And I realized I can still count to 35 in French (trente-cinq!) My buddy John G. could count to ten in Japanese. Cool.

    So, yeah, that was what I did today. WHEEEE! I'm still reading "Writing Down the Bones", mostly on the bus. Which gives me a bit of motion sickness; maybe 'cause the print is so little. It's a pocket book from Shambala--done in the style of Zen monk prayer books. Monks used to have to learn all these Koans (Zen riddles) by heart before they could reach a certain level (paraphrasing here.) Anyway, the novices would tuck these little books up their sleeves and kind've crash course Koans in the bathroom secretly. Then, after they'd managed to memorize like 3,000 of them, they could join the super-Zen-monk club. Or maybe I'm getting Koans confused with Haikus. So.

    I'm reading this little tiny book and enjoying it, but the type is going up and down and jiggling all around, and my tummy is going: REMEMBER the vegetarian sandwich you had a couple of hours ago? And that pear at 2pm? Oh, and the peppermint gum you're chawing on? You may soon be getting a review of them. Soon.

    But I'm really enjoying the book.

    So I close my eyes and look like I'm being swept away by Zen knowledge, when in fact I'm trying to breathe deeply and not barf. Enlightenment via the gut... has possibilities.

    So, I have no pictures to post yet, but I will when I figure out how. Soon y'all :-)


    Tuesday, March 14, 2006

    Beer in th' fridge

    And now beer in ma' bellie :-)

    What a long, awful, boring day. In animation-land you would never say that. You would say maybe... I had to deal with a jerk today, or gee, my hand is tired from drawing like a maniac, or hmm, maybe I should've come back at 1:30pm instead of 3:00pm and I would've gotten a few more drawings done. But NEVER boring, awful and looooong.

    I am keying TAM which is a travel survey. Basically I hit a return key and sometimes I have to toggle a little square from green to red (and vice versa.) It is the *most* boring survey I've ever had to input at Stats Canada.. mind you, I've only been there since September :-P We just kind've endure, crack jokes, send emails to each other, the funniest of which were from my buddy John G. and contained one word: DISTRACTION!!!! (That was to wake us up periodically!)

    What else? Came home, made popcorn, opened beer. Cruised the 'net and found more blogs from my friends. Hurray!!! :-D Looked at the mail. Mail contained *no* news about my application for a job at the Census. So, in two months, I will be a bum once more, since there's no news coming from them.

    I'm reading "Writing Down the Bones" by Natalie Goldberg... and finished Dave Sim's "Guide to Self Publishing". Now all I want to do is draw like a maniac! Again! Of course, this happens at work, where you are pressing the return key and toggling things. For 7.5 hours! GARG.

    Bleah. So, off to draw. Or claw me eyes out, whichever is easier :-)

    There should be doodles a'-being posted soon. Hang on to yer hats.