Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Even more painting and zombies

Hi all!

It's been a busy week or so. Last week was the Ottawa Comic Jam's 3rd Anniversary party! Wahey, as my pal Nia would say n__n. If you go over to the new Jam site, you can ogle photos and fresh artwork as well! Thanks again for all the love and support guys--it is so much appreciated.

It's very tough for me to host things like this because I'm naturally quite shy, even though I can fake being an extrovert. I like being in a quiet, creative space, just pooting along doing my own thing. It takes an enormous amount of will to organize the Jam and keep it going--even though people assure me I make it look easy (?). So, to everyone who endures the ridiculous angst the week before the Jam and the day itself, (when I'm freaking out and crawling the walls)...and who still talk to me the next day... THANK YOU.

So! On an unrelated Jam note, I started an experimental Acrylics class at Art Mad in Stittsville, with Bernice, our lovely instructor! I had my first class last week, which was about 3 hours. I worked from a photo I'd taken last summer in Fredericton, when I'd been invited to crash my friends Rob Anderson & Bobbie Stewart's family reunion. I had a great time and got to see many interesting salads (and pick up the very cool Harris Family Cookbook, courtesy of Goldie, Nina (Maya) & Rick Stewart's hard work!)
I still would like to put more work into this, but I'm happy with how it is coming along:

The acrylics class students were all really excited and supportive of my effort, as was the proprietor of the shop who asked if it was for sale?! My Mom liked it too. She has expressed a strong opinion that I should be painting more often, and I think I'll take her up on that advice ;-) (To see more of my early efforts, check out the Argle blog here!)

I got to catch up with my pals Nadine & Westin Tuesday, which was good. We went to Carlingwood Mall and I got to browse Pet World. There were Siamese kittens, little turtles, huge hermit crabs (I do like hermit crabs!!) I saw cute Dumbo rat teenagers with funny bellies and cute 'Mickey Mouse' ears. We watched a hamster jam tons of rodent blocks into its cheek pouches 'for later'. Then I headed to the back and watched puppies rolling around. There was a giant Labrador on his back w/ massive paws in the air. He was three times bigger than Hank. Apparently I'm not permitted more puppies :-P

After grocery shopping and a stop at the LCBO, Westin & I spent time finishing a few of the Jam stories from last week. He couldn't attend the party but was keen to get some drawings in. He also received 'UNION' by Image comics as a freebie--lucky guy!

Westin and I decided we'd work on a co-written/ plotted/ etcedrted Zombie comic. I got excited and drew panel 1 yesterday. I have no clue what he's going to follow-up with, and I don't know where or how we'll host the comic so it can be read in order..but here at least is my 'Panel 1'. (Possibly we'll compile them over on Deviantart).

It was fun doing something completely different. I've never drawn a zombie story before, so it should be interesting!

Cheers, and a moment of silence for Mr. Bradbury, who passed away June 5th. I was sad to hear that he'd passed, though at 91 he had a great run! Some of my favourite short stories were penned by him; and no one can describe gothic Americana... Rockwell with the hidden razor in the apple, quite like Bradbury!


All artwork (c) 2012 Suzanne A. Marsden (except the Ray Bradbury novel covers).