Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
pic by Allan Amato

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Spinnin' Bifficus

First off, here's another sketch done with those awesome StatCan pencils. This is a fallen villain who has just been blasted by the heroine (the lady gripping blondie's chin!) I actually really liked the villain's outfit and have done some other drawings of her. Who knows who these two whackos are.

Next, we have a Feral Girl of some kind. I really like the way
  • Bill Willingham ("Ironwood", "Elementals")
  • draws hair. This guy *really* knows how to do hair. Take a look at his stuff, then go and get your
  • Jack Hamm "Drawing the Head and Figure"
  • book and just get busy. So this sketch was me trying to get all fancy with hair. Also, Bill Willingham's erotic drawings are also nice and inspirational :-D

    Anywayz, I WASN'T drawin' today, or listening to Bif Naked, with whom I have become enchanted. I was sticking stickers to booklets at work for our current project (PISA). Many *many* stickers, many *many* booklets. But the day passed quickly, the caf coffee was ok and I have another date Friday! Hurray :-) Green Door delights beckon and I must answer the call.

    "I go now, to return when a new day dawns, and I'm in human form once more..."
    Paul Chato from The Frantics, "Four on the Floor", late-80's comic genius :-D

    Cheers yo,


    onemanpunkband said...

    HEY SUE! good to see you bloggin' it, and thanks for the link, i'll return the fav.

    Eifriger said...

    Nice seeing *you* Tavis! It's great seeing everyone's artwork up on the Web :-D Almost like being back in a studio together again, no?