Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Friday, April 07, 2006

Tnhak G*d i'st Fidary!

We made it! Woohoo :-))

Somehow, another grueling week slides to its finish leaving only the pulped remains of the undertrodden and the dismal, to rest weary bodies and renew tattered souls over 48 hrs until we're spewed once more into the horrific morass of toil.

But until that happens, FRIDAY!! :-D Work drudged by until lunch when William, Susie, John & I forayed abroad for noodles, eggrolls, bocali (;-D and tofu. *yum* We cranked out the PISA. I have no idea how fast we just sort've "went", then it was done. Met up with Claytor at the bus station and we drove the new car up to Westgate.

I arrived at the Licence/Thingie Office at 4:45pm (yeah, it closed at 5pm!) I got an awesome lady who helped process all my stuff. I basically said "I just got a used car, and well, here are all my bits of information" (as I slid a file folder towards her.) We managed to get me done before they locked the doors & I exited with temporary plate, used car package, new ownership, and taxes paid receipt in hand... only setting me back... $377 *yarrg*! (with our rent paid, that's my paycheque basically blown in TWO DAYS !) Is that a record, or what?

But it's good having in done. Now I return Echo-dude's plate to him tomorrow before we head up to Tom & Gloria's for a pre-Easter feast. That'll make him happy (& me too :-) Plus I'll get to see how Li'l Red does on the open highway.

And now some pictures (that have nothing to do with Echoes, or Statistics Canada.) I sketched these a few days ago, same set-up & pencil. Mayfly is a character Clay & I brainstormed on who basically only lives for 24 hours before being reborn (which although cool, is pretty much unplayable as a PC, but might make a nice NPC)

Next, we have a fire or lightning based character, possibly related to a 40's campaign because of the jacket and boots (not sure.) Hope you like!


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