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Neil Gaiman says:
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Friday, April 28, 2006

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I talk a lot about my animules... without them, I'd be a lot crazier & even though they wreck things, tag pant cuffs (rabbit!) hork 3am hairballs (Nellie!) and drag anything chew-able through the bars of their cages (all ratties!) without 'em, life would be pretty dull. I'm sure Clay would give a slightly different opinion, but that's cause he's been on litter-duty ever since my sciatica went kablooie :-P

I found a hilarious site with some gr8 kitty pics on it that you should check out! It's called the
  • Moggy Horde.
  • Very funny! Just open the link and scroll down to The Silly Sleeping Pose Olympics!

    Here's my contribution, and probably the first in a series of pics & info on my critters. We'll start with ARLO since he is my most famous kitty. Each entry will feature a picture (if I have one) a bit of history and the like. This is in preparation for getting YET MORE ANIMULES (tonight I'm off to meet 2 baby female rats--oh yeah, and their owner.) There was a free Sheltie posted on the Stats bulletin board and I was WAY tempted. Yikes. (She looks just like my sweet Buffy.) But dogs in the house with no one at home ain't fair.


    Born probably Sept 2nd, 1990 somewhere near Hawksbury. My buddy Andrew Raff's folks found a box of kittens in a field at the end of a dirt road. Arlo was the "fiesty one" and joined me in my first apartment! (253 York St...Ah, the glory days..) Arlo was never a heavy cat.. at his biggest, he was 11 lbs. and as he's aged, he's slimmed down to maybe 7 or so. He has a great "What the heck are YOU looking at?!" expression at all times because of the grey mask and splotch of grey on his nose.

    He is named after Arlo Guthrie (who I get to SEE LIVE IN CONCERT on May 10th! Can you tell I'm excited? :-D) And my wee kitty has been with me to every place I've lived, has disappeared twice (once in August 1998 for a week.. then the following year around the same time for 3 months. ARG.) Too bad cats can't talk Hooman; then I'd know where he'd gone. I figure aliens took him up. After that, I got him microchipped, and of course he hasn't escaped to unknown domains since!

    He continues to be the Coolest Cat Ever and I love him so much. He stars in my first published b & w comic "The Tale of Minkie's Kitten" (c) 1996 and was the inspiration for all my
  • "Uburkitty" comics.

  • His pawprints are on an acrylic painting from 1990 called "Skytoes" which was shortly after I got him. When he was teeny, he used to sleep on my neck, holding my face between his paws. At night, he'd carefully groom one side of my face and then the other. It made getting a decent night's sleep challenging! Good thing I worked in animation...

    I'm sure I could go on and on! But more later--as I find pics and comix.
    Cheerio :-)

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