Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Monday, May 01, 2006


Happy Cetsamhain! For many things May Day related, check out the link.

  • If you feel the urge to dance around a May Pole, leap over a fire or engage in other fun and naughty Spring-time rituals, Now's the time! At last, the weather is warming and the earth is ripe and fertile, awaiting planting.

    My gardens are languishing a little: mostly they have weeds covering the multitude of strawberry plants and raspberry canes that gamely survived the winter. The Herb Garden is renamed the "Garlic Chive 3 x 3 foot Quadrangle" in honour of it not containing herbs, but solely Garlic Chives! NUM :-D

    The front garden is named: "Strip O' Clover-Thistle and Whirlygig Plastic Parrot" (yes that about sums up what it contains as well!) But, never fear, my spice drawer contains many seed packets, including favourites like Cilantro, Asters, Sunflowers and the like. The weather is perfect for planting and who could resist?

    Except of course, work gets in the way of things (like gardening!) Still, another Monday over and done with and the TAMs fading from my memory like a bad hangover. I got home after a speedy bus delivery and devoured the first half of "Angela's Ashes" which I'd borrowed from Boo on the weekend. GOOD WRITING! :-D I'll have to renew some of my library books, cause there's no way I'll finish 'em all by Saturday! Yikes..

    The new little rattie girls are settling in. They are delightful! One is a curly rex albino, named "Fable" and the other is smooth furred white with a grey hood. She's temporarily called "Lark", but I'm working on other names.

    AND my friend Catherine at work got a puppy. A puppy! And me, with no puppy to speak of.. *sigh*. And she named her lovely little-cream-fuzzy-girl puppy: MANGO.

    I'm going to bed now.



    Colleen said...

    Hi Sue,
    Your new rats are so cute.(Much cuter than any hampsters)
    Glad things are going well. Oh and I also post some pictures of my cats on my latest blog:

    Feel free to post feedback:)

    Colleen said...
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    Colleen said...

    P.S.I added your blog as a link on my site, feel free to do the same.:)

    Eifriger said...

    Hiya Colleen! Good to see/ hear you. Yes, ratties are very cute; although hamsters have cuteness down to an art form. Their fur is velvety too... Thanks for the blog link! I'll link you in my link area. Say, that is way too many uses of the word link... yikes :-O