Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Nourth Vancover

tAM tee TAm...
Some people can't spell--the above is a mild example of what I run into. I have also seen: Otowa, Hamlton and many other interesting efforts in BAD SPELiG! :-O

I am alive! I went to the Museum to do the test..after driving down a long long long bumpy road (Pink Rd. in Gatineau btw--don't attempt this if your car is limping along with no shocks :-) Apparently 70% of the collection is housed out there instead of the castle downtown we all know & love (which mathematically must house the other 30 %)

The test was basically manipulating 3 images then burning files to a disk. The first two were pretty easy, but the last one involved scanning a 5 x 4 transparency. They had little non-static Mickey Mouse gloves, a scanner that was bigger than my computer and an obvious absence of said scanner software shortcut on the desktop for me to use. SIGH. Needless to say, I tried, *tried* _tried_ to finish everything in the hour allocated, but was stymied not only by having to use software with which I was unfamiliar, but PhotoShop was biting my ass.


So, less than impressive finish. We'll see what happenz..

After, went to Pub Italia, drank Creemore and ate Jalapeno poppers with Leah H., who was not feeling so good. I got half an Uberkitty comic done while I was waiting for her (she *just* missed the #6 ! :-P) so that was cool. It was good recharging creative batteries with my buddy. We are cooking up some GOOD ideas! Yay :-)) Hopefully she'll feel bettah soon.

So, nuff fer now. I go--**"to return when I'm in human form once more!" No.. I go--to get a Queen sized frame & headboard... the one I've been drooling over for months. Yayyyyyyyyyyy. Maybe I'll post a pic of it, if you're good.


**kudos if anyone can figure out the origin (or spoof-origin) of that quote. HINT, it involves Canadian comedians, a cake and a bowling ball. An original doodle to the Winnah! :-)

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