Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Once upon a time my sciatic nerve was all str8 and happy, and not compressed and f*cked up. Like... before I started doing Data Entry in fact! Coincidence? :-P Every now and then, I'll do something dumb-assed and get "all crooked" as my friend Moira M. says when her back goes out.

So, my friend is Robaxacet and I'm trying not to bend over to do anything. This can be a challenge if a) you have to turn on water for a shower, b) your cat drops a fuzzy mouse at your feet and wants to play, c) you are trying to brush your teeth and *not* bend near the sink, d) anything involving getting dressed (try trying your shoes and not use your spine! Fun times...

The weekend rocked however! After much bending, cursing, crying, taking of drugs and finally driving up to The Big Rideau Lake, I got settled with my buddies, food, freewheeling kids all over the place and muchos cervecas. Vicki's taste in music was superb and we grooved while catching up on all the news. I got Anders' latest copy of "Freefall" and an xtra one to mail 2 Carol L. in PEI! Hurrah :-)

It's never long enough up at the cottage though. 2 days speeds by like a stock car race track through a Zen monastery: soul-fulfilling activities at 78 rpm. Then you get plunked back in your life feeling breathless, nourished and slightly dizzy (or nauseous--coulda been all the chippies we were eating too!)

We introduced a newbie to the Joy that IS "Thumbwars" (If you haven't seen this, go, GO NOW and dload it from somewhere and prepare to laugh your guts out.) We also watched half of Monty Python's "Holy Grail" which was awesome. The kids all got to see the whole thing too. Yay! Yet another generation corrupted by those crazy Brits. I totally remember being like, 8 and watching the movie, taking the whole thing seriously and being confused and angry by the crappy ending. The ending is STILL crappy, but the movie is legendary.

Well, off to try and str8n' myself out.

PS--here's a shot of the cottage during a previous non-snowy visit :-)

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