Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Thursday, March 16, 2006


No I'm not nuts yet, but just happy to be headin' to bed. At work, we finished counting the pamphlets--hurray! Then, as a reward, we got to key TAM (remember the uber-boring survey I was telling you about previously?) *sigh*

After I got home, I cracked a Keiths and worked on the 'pooter for a bit, hoping that my talented WebMistress will update my site for me *hope-hope!!* :-) Then, met up with Clay at the Wizard's Tower in Kanata after he'd dropped off his resume at the Bulk Barn. It was cool being surrounded by comics again.. and as always, intimidating too. I alternately feel excited/good being in a comic store and terribly depressed as well. Nothing on the racks looked familiar--well, except for some TPBs of the Sandman, Tank Girl and some "Growing up Enchanted" comics too :-D

All the myriad of X-titles jostling each other with characters that look like they're 12.. I mean, Wolverine isn't a kid for gosh sakes. I bet I would be lost trying to read them, utterly :-P Still, it was nice & Clay got a book and I scanned the dice at the cash.

Then. Then we had supper at the Hong Chow next door...buffet! YUM :-))) We are exploring our environs..

more 2morrow maybe

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