Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Beer in th' fridge

And now beer in ma' bellie :-)

What a long, awful, boring day. In animation-land you would never say that. You would say maybe... I had to deal with a jerk today, or gee, my hand is tired from drawing like a maniac, or hmm, maybe I should've come back at 1:30pm instead of 3:00pm and I would've gotten a few more drawings done. But NEVER boring, awful and looooong.

I am keying TAM which is a travel survey. Basically I hit a return key and sometimes I have to toggle a little square from green to red (and vice versa.) It is the *most* boring survey I've ever had to input at Stats Canada.. mind you, I've only been there since September :-P We just kind've endure, crack jokes, send emails to each other, the funniest of which were from my buddy John G. and contained one word: DISTRACTION!!!! (That was to wake us up periodically!)

What else? Came home, made popcorn, opened beer. Cruised the 'net and found more blogs from my friends. Hurray!!! :-D Looked at the mail. Mail contained *no* news about my application for a job at the Census. So, in two months, I will be a bum once more, since there's no news coming from them.

I'm reading "Writing Down the Bones" by Natalie Goldberg... and finished Dave Sim's "Guide to Self Publishing". Now all I want to do is draw like a maniac! Again! Of course, this happens at work, where you are pressing the return key and toggling things. For 7.5 hours! GARG.

Bleah. So, off to draw. Or claw me eyes out, whichever is easier :-)

There should be doodles a'-being posted soon. Hang on to yer hats.



Anonymous said...

God, I used to work for StatsCan on the phones doing agricultural surveys with really angry farmers. They should be angry! We'd call them during seeding, during harvesting. What a shitty job. I hated it so much that when another opportunity came along I jumped ship faster than a burning pirate!

Eifriger said...

Yeow! Watch out for those angry farmers. I am lucky I don't have to harass them (some of my friends are doing that, apparently!) I don't hate the job, I'm just bored silly & craving to draw all day long. But that seems to be my lot in life :-P