Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Wednesday, March 15, 2006



That's what your brain says when you count things way too much. I've been counting since 10:30am. 68,000 pamphlets, leetle bundles of 35 each. By the end of the day, William Y. was saying, hey, let's count in the language of our heritage: like French, Cantonese, German, Spanish. That was fun. And I realized I can still count to 35 in French (trente-cinq!) My buddy John G. could count to ten in Japanese. Cool.

So, yeah, that was what I did today. WHEEEE! I'm still reading "Writing Down the Bones", mostly on the bus. Which gives me a bit of motion sickness; maybe 'cause the print is so little. It's a pocket book from Shambala--done in the style of Zen monk prayer books. Monks used to have to learn all these Koans (Zen riddles) by heart before they could reach a certain level (paraphrasing here.) Anyway, the novices would tuck these little books up their sleeves and kind've crash course Koans in the bathroom secretly. Then, after they'd managed to memorize like 3,000 of them, they could join the super-Zen-monk club. Or maybe I'm getting Koans confused with Haikus. So.

I'm reading this little tiny book and enjoying it, but the type is going up and down and jiggling all around, and my tummy is going: REMEMBER the vegetarian sandwich you had a couple of hours ago? And that pear at 2pm? Oh, and the peppermint gum you're chawing on? You may soon be getting a review of them. Soon.

But I'm really enjoying the book.

So I close my eyes and look like I'm being swept away by Zen knowledge, when in fact I'm trying to breathe deeply and not barf. Enlightenment via the gut... has possibilities.

So, I have no pictures to post yet, but I will when I figure out how. Soon y'all :-)


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