Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
pic by Allan Amato

Saturday, March 18, 2006

1,000 mile stare

Got my scanner working & stayed up way too late playing Bejeweled II (Thanks John G. :-O) and drinking beer (and working on the computer!) Now my eyes are bug-tired and I have the--what curled up in the back of my mouth and expired taste happening *yech*.

Once I grind coffee and get a broccoli frittata started I'm sure I'll feel bettah, but for now... zz. Hope you like the pic above--I don't have PShop installed yet, so I had to manipulate her in PAINT. Ye Gods! Usually when I get home I draw from 5-10+ quick sketches while the TV is going... she came from one of those sessions. More to come!

Now for chores: laundry, dishes, clean the rats, rabbit & cat paraphernalia, oh yeah and get some artwork together to apply for some Character Design Artist positions! Yeeeha :-D

Bottoms up,

Yo, check out this link to my LiveJournal with results of Which Superhero Are You Quiz.. it's kewl!


Rob A. said...

OhOhOHHH! I got Spiderman on the quiz! How cool is that!

Eifriger said...

That is Wickkedd! Clay got The Hulk :-D Now we can all run around and smash things, save people and be all angst-ridden :-)