Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Crappy Tire

I thought the blond college kid was going to get punched out today on TPIR, but no luck. That's what you get for consistently bidding $1 more than your neighbour in 'contestants' row'.

The Fortune Express kicks butt! The parking lot is terrible! This was the first time we couldn't find a spot though. We parked over behind the spa and took our lives in our hands crossing the road. Clay favours rice wrapped in leaves, I like the little potstickers and Mom was adventurous with calimari ^__^

It was one of those crazy days. At least I had good company while I waited to hear from the guys at Cdn Tire. I'll eventually have to get the rest of the work done, but the quotes on everything were ridiculous ($150 for 4 spark plugs & labour??) Anyway, clearly I should've gone into auto mechanics rather than art apres High School :-P

The Ox Head Restaurant was faboo--I'd never tried it. It's across from the AMC in the Centrum plaza in Kanata. Had a giant noodle bowl for about $10. You can't beat that.

I started watching the Food Network after my surgery last year which is kind of interesting. I got hooked on cake decorating contests, then Chopped and now enjoy the dubious pleasure of watching Restaurant Makeover (and recently the Opener). Sad I know! ^__^

Cheers & bon apetit


deakat said...

Love the Ox Head! I used to eat there fairly regularly when I worked in Kanata.

Also, if you'd like a recommendation for a mechanic, I've got a great one. When my dealership told me that I needed to have some fluids flushed & it would cost me >$300, I took it to him for a second opinion. He said they were crazy & no flushing required for at least another year, so he gets all my business now.

Suzanne Marsden said...

That's cool that you liked the Ox Head as well--this was my first opportunity to try it out :-D

I would be grateful for a mechanic recommendation--thanks Deakat!