Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
pic by Allan Amato

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Yes, I've somehow worked in animation since 1990 and don't have a demo reel. I worked on the technical side of things (from '90 - '96 or so), I've written scripts, outlines and developed world ideas... (from '99 - present) sketched thousands of characters, designed, done boards...

In school ('97 - '99) it was the same thing. I'm a burning creative... and I think my old first year "anijam" was the only example of actual animation. Yeesh... it's probably on a DAT disc somewhere!


rene_cafplus said...

HA HA, its sooo true, making something from scratch *WOULD* be crazy. Yay! inherit laziness, it funny because we all do it.

rene_cafplus said...

I like how your waiting cat-like for the coffee to be done to drink. I can so relate to that ;)

Suzanne Marsden said...

Thanks for the great comments Rene_cafplus ^__^
I was lucky, I did find a clip to send in with my application (whew!) Geoff Marshall's sweet animation on my Ivy & Dummy comic:

Sometimes the coffee can _never_ come fast enough..gluglug!