Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Monday, February 14, 2011


I was delighted to find Dave McKean's "Cages" at the Comic Book Shoppe. Troy Little had leant me the hardcover years ago, and I'd never had the chance to read it (yes, I did return the book!) I thoroughly enjoyed reading the work this time around: floored by exquisite story-telling and masterful paintings.

The Heart's Desire Valentine's Women's Dance happens every year at the NAC. Usually I don't attend, but this time I found myself with a date, which was serendipitous and fun! It was nice enjoying good company and freedom of movement--doing things that last year would've been impossible.

It was also fun catching up with Rob Anderson and Keith Savage over the weekend. Keith has a great food blog (if you are interested in learning how to make kick@$$ pizza, and other things check it out!) Robbie has a fantastic channel on Youtube with some fun editing work on it. He also owns Noise2Signal.

The t-shirt I'm sporting for Valentine's dim sum is Troy's great "Angora Napkin" t. Super fit, awesome design. Pick one up today!



Lisa-Marie said...

Love the new comix, m'dear!
Your belly dance diva has really become your pottery diva and has a new blog on wordpress!

Suzanne Marsden said...

Sweet! I will link to your Pottery blog on the ol' side bar. Glad you're enjoying the new comics ^__^ Thanks for your support LMS!

Anonymous said...

*grin* Wow! I've never been made into a comic character before. LOL Although I must say, I DO think you shortened the dress slightly! HAH!

I had a great night and I hope we can go out dancing and having fun again sometime. Like you, I probably wouldn't have been able to DO the dancing last year, so I hear you on that one. Little accomplishments and achievements are so HUGE when you've been quite ill, etc. aren't they?


Suzanne Marsden said...

TZ, you're so right!
It makes a huge difference in how you look at the world when for so long you've been restricted from participating in things, for one reason or another.
Thanks for being there with me and enjoying that freedom! It was righteous ^__^


PS, it is the prerogative of the artist to shorten things as they like *hee hee*