Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Who spiked the biryani?

Yeow, just got off an unintended 3-day fast :-P Got a wicked stomach flu Sunday night which basically left me praying to the Porcelain God every hour on the hour and wishing a) I could die b) that biryani and popcorn had not been my Last Supper and c) that I had some way to stop the nail in the head pain coupled with nasty stomach cramps. Geez.. where did this come from?

Monday I stayed home and stayed comatose in bed, with Clay tending my small needs (glasses of water, acetominophen, cool cloths, more blankets/ less blankets etc.) I vaguely remember getting up a couple of times, but basically I was sick sick sick. Gahhh... You know when you get up and your brain thumps the front of your skull? Then you sit back down and your brain thunks the back? That sucks.. urg.

I slept a little better Monday night, but still, tossing and turning, cramping & headache like a sledgehammer pounding a railroad spike into the old cranium. Clay headed off to work and I got up like a dummy thinking that I could go to work too. Except I felt nauseous, and every time I tried to think I kept getting these terse little messages from upstairs: go to bed or drink some water. Weird. It was like direct messages from the subconscious with no bullshit in between; no ideas/ thoughts/ distractions, just "instruction". Sue followed instructions...

Yesterday was exponentially better than the day before and so on. But still no food. Right up until lunch today, I just lived on water, acetomenophen, the odd gravol pill (that really knocks you out btw) and a Tums. Whee. I was a bit wobbly getting in to work today. Everything had an odd surreal quality; especially the drive in. I left very late, because everything seemed to take an extra-long time to accomplish.

My pod-mates Edythe B, Sumintra P & Lily C insisted that I get some food into me to try and get my strength back up. Eventually I capitulated and headed for the caff. I was leery though. Just the evening before the mere smell of food made me feel sick. Who knew what a whole gigantic room full of food smells would do to me?? But.. they were right; when I swung by the caff's soup area, the soup looked good. The banana I snagged near the salad area looked really good. And I can't tell you how the cool tall bottle of OJ looked. MMmmm sugar water....

Meal #1 went down ok and stayed down (hurray.)
Made it home eventually and am determined to have a good, restful sleep if I can get it... hope to be in better shape tomorrow!



Ash said...

I was trying to search biryani at and I had to stop by your blog. I read your posting...hope you would be better now.

Eifriger said...

Thanks Ash! Good luck on your hunt for biryani.. it really wasn't the biryani that got me, just a nasty lil' old flu bug. I *do* have a good biryani recipe though, check it out:

Terry said...

Hiya Sue,

Sounds like your on the road to recovery; glad to hear your feeling better. I hate getting sick. That's why I keep a bag of Chemo by my bed; If I feel anything unusual, I just hit the Chemo bag! Hey, who needs eyebrows? Thanx again for your kind comments on my site, I finally finished my Mercury contract so now I can finally do all the things I've been putting off: like shaving,petting my dog,cleaning the inside of my microwave, sleeping at night, y'know important stuff. Keep up the great Blog!

Troy Little said...

Get better Sue!

Eifriger said...

Hi guys.. thanks for the well-wishes!! I am feel sooo much better than this time last week; when I felt like *poo*. Thanks for the praise Terry.. I'll try and keep up on the blog.. man, I don't know where the time goes, but it f**ckin Goes!! Looking fwd to seeing more o' your cartoons guys; keep up the great work.