Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Marking passage

I finally uploaded the pic of our backyard covered in MANGO FOOTIE PRINTS. Can you believe it? Of course, now the backyard is smoothed out with fresh snow. But only a couple of weeks ago it looked like a doggie playground. As you can see, I have two sheds, a fence, a nice thick cedar hedge at the back and off to the far left is my compost mound. Whee!

Work was so-so. It is with myopic blinking gurgledge that I spasm back into the leather traces of HRSDC and keying. Only the people make it bearable. I know, I shouldn't whine; I could be digging ditches, laying pipe, swimming across the North Atlantic or something.. but at least there would be a bit more of a mental engagement happening. A wee little one? Hmm..

Got paid, got my over-time pay.. and headed off to the Bulk Barn, Pet Value and Farm Boy to get whole wheat pasta, rabbit food and .. well, more rabbit food (but for people :-) It wasn't too busy out.. but almost got creamed by a couple of trucks. People A) don't look where they're driving in parking lots *and* B) don't signal their intent. Thus C) Sue almost got creamed. I always figured I'd do more damage to a grill than they would to me.. but these were muchos big trucks. So, I just kept scooting out of the way with my cart and hoped that they'd spare me.

Although considering my fate tomorrow (French exam & keying HRSDC) it might've been preferable.

On a sadder note.. my elderly rattie Diego passed away yesterday, at the age of almost 3 years old. He was a rex who at the end was looking a bit threadbare, but still was an engaging friendly fellow who accepted Cheerios with gentle jaws. He lived alone more than half his life after his cage mate Gandalf passed on, and after he was rejected from integrating into a group cage with his brothers (Salty & Coal.) He lived his days between eating yummy grapes, pizza crusts and rat blocks, sleeping in his Mandarin box and sipping water. When he wasn't doing that, he tottered along the couch, a geriatric rattie who had outlived all his brothers.

He'll be missed.


Rob A. said...

Good luck with the test.
Sorry about Diago.
Destroy all parking lot brain dead drivers who can't get their heads out of their asses and notice they are still on a f++king road!!!!
Sorry.... I don't like parking lots.

Eifriger said...

Thanks for the supportive words Rob, appreciated. The test was put off til next week (don't know why? Sigh! 7 more days of angsting til it's done!)

Poor old D. He was the last of Meissa's boy ratties. Don't know if any of the girl ones yet live (Tanya has them; should give her a call.)

I couldn't believe the was stunning. I saw my brief life flash before my eyes..and then it happened again! eep! Parking lots are poo.

Silverstar said...

Sorry for your loss Sue, but at least Diego was in good hands being supplied with yummy cheerios before his passing. I'm sure you made an impression on his heart as well. :)