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Neil Gaiman says:
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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Allwords Review

I signed up to Review Me last month to see if I could get paid for reviewing sites (part of my Work At Home scheme..) Most of these schemes have worked with mixed success (I think I've earned about $10 at Helium for writing, but that's still kinda cool..considering I've only penned about 10 articles; you leave 'em alone and they just generate cash for you. I really should put more articles up I suppose..)Anyway, this an advertisement, so feel free to read, enjoy or skip it if you want. I do have to say that I found the fun Anagram Genius site via the Allwords "Word Games" link, and for that alone it is cool. Where else can you declare that your place of work is the Devil's playground? Onwards....

After logging onto Allwords and poking around a bit, I concluded that it's a versatile and useful web page for writers who need quick reference tools that are more than just your run- of- the- mill e-dictionary. It was interesting being able to type a word into the search engine and having the page spit out not only the usual description but also 4 or 5 other language roots, meanings and the like. It definitely broadens the creative palette to have a few new colours thrown on.

The site is Free, which is handy, considering that there are a lot of sites which require a monthly fee (not just erotica ones my friends ;-)) It's also well-organized, which is a relief. It is aggravating logging in someplace and finding that you have to hunt all over for the most basic tools. I don't have to say the fun I've had clicking on the Anagram link.. if only to find out that my full name translates into "Razes inaner mundaneness". Yay, proof that the creative spirit can burn through the most dull things of life. The Crossword helper is cool too.. try stumping it with long weird words and see what happens C_AU____P_O_IA!! Ackk.. and if you can't remember the meaning of the word, a handy dictionary-link will explain it for you.. and if you press the link, you can make a soft electronic voice *say* the word (imagine STNG's Data quietly telling you how to say 'Obsequious.') This can be amusing in its own way... Ok, maybe I don't get out much..

For others who don't get out much, there's a "Word of the Week" that picks a word and goes into not only its definition, but description, etymology and how it relates in other languages. I think this week it's "Mythology" (I don't have to say how interesting Robbie & I would find that!) The Links for Word Lovers offers an endless array of things to lose yourself in, including: Slang, Quotations, Crosswords, Thesauri, Glossaries, Translation services, etc. There's a Blogger area where you could submit your own site if you wanted to (that is if you felt it was in some way of interest to other writers.. ;-)

All in all, it's a site that I'll probably spend some time on, (even if I wasn't being paid to write nice things about it ;-) If only to have another dictionary link that doesn't throw advertising up every time you want the spelling and meaning of a word, it is valuable. Hope this helps and that you have fun there. I would love to see what everyone else's names anagram to...

Razes Inaner Mundaneness!
(DragonHead Studio = Guarded Sainthood)


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