Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Can do

I went in to work with the usual dread in my gut, which has become my unwelcome companion. It reminds me of the days I spent half of my time not at University, then invariably would turn up for exams and critiques to try and pass somehow. (Not recommended.)

Tried reviewing my French material this morning over breakfast and the dim gloaming of another winter sunrise turning the horizon to breathtaking dusky purple and fuschia. These sunrises are wasted on me because I'm caught up on the treadmill of the joe job.. poor Mother Nature, shaking the hell out of her palette for all the sleeping artists to miss. And the wretched one who is awake is motioning through the movements, staggering to work and remembering the beauty in half-wary dreams and haunted whining.

So, my exam got postponed til next week. YAY. I was soooo not ready. Missing a couple of weeks can do that to you. I had done a few of the excersises and one of them we corrected (I was actually prepared! go figure.) When I got back, I keyed for about an hour and then the department exited for an extended lunch! Now before you go all "You Gov't People And Your Extended Lunches" on me... this is like, the only extended lunch that has ever happened to me in the department. This is OID, the most uptight division at Stats. And within that is Data Capture.. and, well, so on. So it was a nice (singular) event.

We went to the Tansy Buffet near Lincoln Fields. I enjoyed it; lots of broccoli and plenty of tasty Dim Sum. The dish labeled "Lasagna" contained suspicious looking eggplant (go figure...) They had canned peaches though.. MMmmm Peaches For Sue! :-D

So, returned to work in time for the afternoon break. Yay, I love days like these. Keyed for an hour, caught up a bit with Myra and then turned the Echo Westward and home. Worked on a Sudoku when I got to Kanata... I'm getting a bit better at these. My brain felt like it had sprained itself. Math... echhh :-P

Then Fi called! Yayyy Feefers. We've been playing phone-tag for months. So it was cool finally catching up for real. She's knitting like a fiend and has a special surprise for me that she's been working on since before my bday last year! (A house cosy?) We'll see.

Well, I should go and draw.. the pencil is calling my name...

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PPS Check out Art Wanted. "Black Diamond" one of my drawings got voted the site's Top Ten today!
PPPS Don't forget to vote for Amanda on the Model Search. Only 3 days left!
PPPPS Umm.. can't think of anything else.. :-)

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