Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Gang

I drew this sketch last month for my buddy Susie's get well card (which is why she isn't in the piccy.) Our gang.. Catherine, (Me!), Diana, William & John (the tall dude at the back)used to be like glue, all through the Winter & Spring. But, as I look at STC and the curves life throws you sometimes, I realize that we have all been flung off in different directions.

We used to get together every second Friday for lunch at the Fast Food Garden at Holland Cross (if you check the ad for the restaurant outside, it actually says "Fat Food Garden" which makes me laugh :-) We'd hit the hot dog guy once in awhile, we'd chill at our desks and talk, play with John's computer games, plan creative things or just gripe.

Now, William is at Bluesfest, Susie, Catherine & Diana are in Hull doing PISA (so I guess, they're like a mini-splinter group), John is scanning at Tunney's and .. well, who knows where I'll end up? I miss our little "gang de co-cos". So, I guess I'll just have to plan things apres work to get us together; like forays to the Easy Garden in Bells Corners, or comic & toy stores, or walks along the parkway with Catherine, Alan and Mango!

If my post seems calmer, that's because it is. Well *I* am, anyway. I heard Friday that I am to be posted locally, so that took a big worry out of my thoughts. Not that I didn't want to go West, I just was having many sober second thoughts about the whole venture. I have to say mentally, I'm happier to be away from the computer, although I miss my friends. Being outside on training was cool, if nerve-wracking, but it was absolutely beautiful out there--it was one of those soft, summer evenings that just blossommed into a late golden pink sunset around 9pm. Much nicer than pounding a keyboard from 7am - 3pm.

I don't know if I'll solely be in the Ottawa or Kingston, or further afield as the needs arise. We'll see what happens. More news as I git it!


PS--HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN!!! Don't eat too much cake :-D


Anonymous said...

Aww thanks Suszanne. I didnt! :)
I too miss our group. Im all alone over at Tunneys.
I wish it was like how it was back in the Winter/Spring, but as u said, things change. Even if I or anyone else dont like it!

Good luck with Census-ing.


ps. good job on the pic..I like how you added ma rings! ;)

Eifriger said...

Thanks Nhoj; it was swell MSNing with you today! We'll have to get together soon (maybe on the pay week Friday or something.) I miss Springtime at Tunney's with everyone too. Wonder if William's bankrupted Bluesfest yet? :-D Glad you like your rings; it'd been bugging me! Take it easy dude,