Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Superbeautifulmonster RIP

Everyday, After a While, you feel Let Down, you feel the Abandonment. Even though That's Life, you figure that at least your partner, your buddy in crime, Yeah, You..not Henry, would stop singing the old Question Song. You storm in from work, say I Want a drink, this ain't no Ladybug Waltz buddy! It's all bad news from here on out, the Funeral of a Good Grrl. The CD's in pieces Nothing Else Matters and the World Is Over.


(While tidying, Clay managed to accidentally smash my Nathan Wiley "High Low" CD, Star Wars III Sndtrk AND BIF NAKED *arrg*. And I took him out to see X-Men III as a reward. I must be nuts. :-P)


Doc Savageland said...

Have no fear, the good thing about mass market products is that they can be replaced. I can take care of that for you next time we meet.

Anonymous said...

Why not enter the new "Get Into Nathan Wiley's Pants" contest in order to boost your spirit?


Eifriger said...

Thanks Keith! I would be grateful for help in that matter :-( I still can't believe the CD's got smashed. I thought they were supposed to be indestructable! :-P

Carol, I'm totally going to get into the get into Nathan's pants contest! I'm so there :-D Do you get a CD *and* his pants? Cause I could really use some. Pants that is.. heh.. sigh :-)

Anonymous said...

LOL! *snort*

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