Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


How long do you think it took me to realize my shirt was on backwards yesterday? 2 hours! Thankfully, I (hope) no one noticed... Switched it around in the bathroom. Now, before you cart me off to Alzheimers Land, remember that I'm doped up on 12 hour xtra strength Gravol. And I own shirts that have crew it felt sort've ok. Anyway, enough of that, it's just another sad thing that happened cause I'm not doing as well as I should!

Had my appt. with my new Doc and he (you guessed it) wants to run MORE tests. What is happening here?! So, back to the lab I get to go. The only thing he could see from the last barrage was that there was some protein leakage happening. Weiiiird. Thankfully, my blood sugar seems ok. So, no Diabetes. YAY :-D

But, I'm still dizzy. Which, is aggravating. I can't ride the bus, I can drive to work, if I'm doped up, but it makes it really hard to concentrate (both with the driving and with the key punching.) Well, I supposed I must remember the old Zen adage "This Too Will Pass" and just try and chill. On the way back from the Doc, stopped at the Licensing Bureau and picked up a temporary plate for the Mustang and a Driver's Ed. book for Clay. Yes, Clay is going to study to get his license. I figured it would be a good idea, if the dizzy state continues (or continues to worsen.) SIGH *again*!!

I'm in an ok mood though, all things considered. The RPG campaign I'm currently in is fun (Rifts partial Borg Merc Campaign :-) I'm writing, getting assignments done for the Institute of Children's Literature. I'm drawing like a mad woman, which always cheers me up. The place is looking not too bad; Mom swooped by last week and put on another coat of the salmon peach colour and it is faboo! Hurrah :-)

Now if I could just get over this "condition" grrr....

Oh yes, and Happy Summer Solstice everyone :-)

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