Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Muckle Hammer

I'm home today because of that weird dizziness/nausea thing that happens when I travel (mostly by bus.) It ALSO happens when computer images flash in front of my eyes..which is a drag, cause that's pretty much all I do at work :-( I'm waiting for the lab to give me the results of my tests from last week. C'mon lab! The nurse at Stats said it could be Labyrynthinitis (a viral infection in the middle ear) and another friend thought I might have Candida (a kick-ass yeast infection gone Postal.) I should set up a betting area where people can lay down their cash and when we all find out what's going on, we can make some dough too!

So, I was reading email this morning and the usual Spam appeared. The Penis Enlargement (or whatever) part of this particular spam is actually an imbedded image. How odd! But the oddest was the header and the rest of the message. I felt like I was reading some Alien instructions in code for an upcoming invasion :-O

Go figure :-)

Non-mediterranean orphreyed miter nettle cell middle-horned palm-leaf fan pardon bowl New jersey pair production milling machine morphological analogy nitrogen peroxide old-looking o-o nine-hour

morning-winged Minorca clematis mousing hook nursery rhyme ore body ostensible partner niff-naffy oil meal open-mindedly old-womanishness mis-space Non-catholic milk run old-time pallid-fuliginous nimble-pinioned origanum oil paddle wheel net value naked floor Narodna skupshtina open-roofed N-shaped Non-bantu montan wax oblong-elliptic origanum oil mis-sing music speech Pan-latin never-silent neural axis

parade rest New england myrtle bird peace-bringing mountain adder offset staff oil mold net income panel saw mille marin nonmember bank one-septate Paleo-siberian
observation mine myogen fibrin party wall myogen fibrin Non-yahgan orange madder pea mildew mid-stride opera box

Non-congregational Non-vedic mud-lost oxide blue paroquet auklet os magnum pain-fearing nectar-secreting opal-tinted oil-seal nickel calciner mist gray pardon bowl Neo-kantian nomination borough mist-laden motor-camper ninety-acre


Doc Savageland said...

It makes more sense if you can read
Meglathonian-ta-jegamonocatholeticbetto-cranese. Otherwise it doesn't make much sense.

Eifriger said...

Either that or get your BabelFish renewed! :-)

Rob A. said...

Dam! We must now call off the invasion. Too many of you have discovered our secret!