Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Friday, May 19, 2006

Well, I'm back

What a week; not that I feel that I have battled the Minions (or mini-onions) of Mordor and wrestled with Gollum; only that the week preceding the Victoria Day Weekend felt longer than it should have and I am far more tired than I should be. I blame late nights, early mornings, lack of cranberry muffins and enduring endless meaningless prattle at work.

Still-- Connie Caldor is on the CD player (borrowed the music from the liberry to see if I liked it), I have a Creemore beer in my hand; the bra and socks are OFF and I just finished reading the last couple of pages from "The Hour Before Dawn" a skinny Charles de Lint book from Subterranean Press (also borrowed from the liberry :-) I had tried to finish it this morning before work, but that wasn't possible, or I would've seriously missed my bus. BEWARE of being late for the 6:40am #63. It is driven by the Smilin' Sikh. I don't really know if he is a Sikh, but he has a big bushy beard, a turban and a wonderful penetrating grin. He drives like it's New Delhi and slows for no one!

The work went ok; I was filling in batch information into the giant ledger, which I actually enjoy doing. I don't mind organizing things at work--I wish I could transfer some of that Virgoan nit-pickiness to my HOME life. But, well, perhaps in small bites this too will happen. William, Lianne, Catherine and I hit the Fast Food Garden at lunch and there was a BIG line up. By the time I got back with my noodles & broccoli, there was like 3 minutes left to eat. How can one survive with a half-hour lunch??? I miss animation daze :-P [Editor's note: 2+ hour lunches were the norm!]

But, when we got back, Anna was there with her wee son Ethan & we all cooed and oohed over the little fella. I got a burble & giggle from him and that was sweet. I ended up having to eat at my desk, to the annoyance of the new gang, but, well, too bad. My guilt level was non-existent since the morning had been churned by chattery *loud* girlie-girl talk. MAN! How much can you rehash partying, drinking, barfing, sex, boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, ex-boyfriends of ex-friends, etc etc etc??? I was getting annoyed not only at all the Hetero-petty stuff, but feeling very very old to boot. I'm glad Patrick got to talking about his old college days. It was pretty much the same drinking/ passing out/ where-the-heck-am-I? type stories, but he's at least older than I am and a good story-teller :-)

Whew. So--the weekend promises to be busy. I'm going to be painting the livingroom, and tidying..and probably learning a bit of 3D Studio Max at William's place with John tomorrow. AND I have to remember to look after Mike & Shel's cat. It's weird.. I know that time stretches (I've seen my buddy Anders DO it!) but I bet that it also compresses. I bet the weekend will fly by as quickly as a 1/2 hour lunch and next week will drag like molasses. Sigh!! More Creemore please?

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