Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Clanging and Banging

Do not nurse a hangover and try to do laundry at our house. The washer is VERY loud! Possibly this is because it has become unbalanced...? Not that I'm hungover.. or unbalanced. But I AM doing laundry and having a drink; possibly the combination will prove disastrous. Only time will tell!

Mike swung by after work and brought the electric mower.. yayyy :-D The backyard is 95% mown (the extension cord was only SO long :-P) The front lawn looks sweet; I managed to avoid flattening the only flower planted in the yard. The violets live! Mike was also sweet enough to fix the sound on the computer. Hurrah! I can't believe it's been almost 2 months of no sound. Boy all those little movies people send me will now be a whole lot funnier!

TAMS merchandise will soon be available (t-shirts, buttons, magnets etc. Or say, what about a Ban the TAMS thong?! :-O) Let the madness continue!

Work was ok... PISA is proceeding well. Spent today going through bins, grooming booklets and filling in little bits of information on ledger sized paper. Then I got to punch little sheets that come with the bundles and file them in binders! Around 10am I got instructed on the intricacies of the New Photocopier! The neeeewwww photocopier can copy, collate, fold and bind stuff; like comix! Indie Comix! Wooohooo :-)

But I would never do that.

Never :-)

Happy Census Day!
Bellydancing tomorrow! Wheeeee :-)

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