Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Ok, my computer is possessed at work by infernal gremlins! That is the only thing I can think of to account for the bizarre behavior of programs that seem to work perfectly fine on my supervisor's computer. Very strange indeed. Hopefully our lovely IT lady can beat some manners into the little so-n'-sos...

Thanks for everyone who showed interest in my pal Leah's furniture. We have sold the EQ3 table! Yay! The gorgeous chair and ottoman are still up for grabs through. And, at an affordable $300.00, you can't go wrong. Solid beech wood (not IKEA) and faux suede make it super comfy and relaxing. You knowww you want it ;-)) Drop me a line and let me know; I'll hook you up!

What else? I have been cobbling a site together for Chiqua Designs! Check it out and be wowed :-) Soon you'll be able to order one-of-a-kind, hand made jewelery pieces directly from Chiqua and be the envy of everyone in your neighbourhood! Trust me, you WILL!

The amazing bracelet shown above is one of Leah's pieces from Chiqua Designs that she made for my birthday last year. It is rose quartz, with a Goddess figure and an antique locket. Lovely, and unique. I've never seen anyone else with anything like it (and it fits!)

What else? Duh... Tuesdays don't seem to be agreeing with me. I spent most of today alseep, wavering from doing tables in Pagemaker for work to checking my Scrabulous tournament results on Facebook. I'm getting my ass handed to me (again) by Mr. Hemming *sigh*, but I gave a good ass-handing-back myself to another it's good. We'll see. Hopefully the tourney will come to a close before Hasbro rolls the whole thing up on us.

Must head for sleep... will write later when I have more fun things to report.
Go check out Chiqua!

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Silverstar said...

Hey Sue-Boo (That's my new nickname for you, hope you don't mind;)
Great bracelet and I'm sorry I missed out last weekend. I will try and plan something next month for us to do.:)