Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It's the Season For Romance

What could be more romantic than a story of a slightly crazy girl and her very special...friend. Yes, "Ivy & Dummy" is the modern story for our age. Ivy is an innocent chiqua who finds Burris ("Dummy") on a park bench and decides to bring him home. The story of their adventures lives in the tiny black and white mini-comic I made, wayy back in 2000, and it also lives in the show that I was working on with Decode Entertainment a couple of years ago.

It's all "still in the works", but for your viewing pleasure, Geoff Marshall, the fellow at Chromacide who directed and provided the flash animation for the pilot, kindly posted it on his 2006 reel page. Enjoy!

See the short.
Order a mini-comic. (I need a minimum number of requests before I'll reprint the original mini!)
Not convinced? Read the fabulous review at Broken Pencil!
Go check out Decode Entertainment. Send them an email asking when "Ivy & Dummy" will be broadcast on TV??
Check out Geoff Marshall at Chromacide.
Email Geoff and give him a big thumbs up for all that hard work. Maybe we'll join forces again. Ya never know.

"Ivy & Dummy" is (c) 2008 Suzanne Marsden & Decode Entertainment Inc.

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Troy Little said...

Ivy & Dummy are the best! Great short, so good to see it again!