Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Monday, January 15, 2007

-32 lbs. and counting

Had my weigh-in Saturday and that aggraving lb. that had turned up, much like an unwelcome guest when you're in the middle of doing laundry & are sporting your most embarassing ripped shirt, lumberjack socks and schluff pants, is gone at last. Since it's been awhile since I collaged, here is the 32 lbs. benchmark below. My pal Boo says her kids have weighed themselves, so I am looking fwd to when I hit the -40 and -51 lbs. benchmarks to include them here and help make their fame! (If not fortune :-))

Today wasn't too awful; except for the tricky weather and sketchier road conditions. I had to go and get my head drilled at ye olde dentiste. I'd been putting it off for about 3+ years (ever since my Doc had accidently struck a literal nerve and had scared me off for good.) I'd even had to postpone my appointment in December because of our work luncheon.

Now, although it feels like I've been socked in the head, I'm relieved that the work is over. For now. In a month, I get to return to the Chair Of Pain for round 2. Supposedly that is to be an hour's session where I believe I'll finally get my two lower canines seen too. Hard to be self-respecting werewolf with cracked lower teeth! URk :-P

Just finished the last of Neil Gaiman's "Sandman" graphic novels last night with a bit of bittersweetness.. as is always the case when one gets to the end of a particularly good novel, or in this case series of stories. The last book "The Wake" was expertly drawn... it was pure pleasure after reading "The Kindly Ones", which although story-wise was 120% excellent character, plot, originality all that..the artwork, save for a couple of artists wasn't that great. Weak in fact. But that has been the only book that has let me a bit down, and the story carried it all anyway. It is fun to see different artist's takes on the Sandman, Death, Delerium and the rest.. I am tempted to shake my brush pen and get the ink flowing for a rendition of my own perhaps!

Also finished "A Complicated Kindness", the Miriam Toews book I'd borrowed from.... Moira? Jane? Possibly Marika? In any case, it will be returned when we four get together in Feb for our monthly luncheon I'm sure! It was a very satisfying read.. like going to the Green Door in fact. You are faced with the difficult delight of picking and choosing dishes, not because some of them are bad, but because you simply don't have enough room on your plate for all of them! You are hungry and all the food is not only nourishing, but tasty, piquant, alive to the palate. One is disheartened because the plate will never be big enough to hold all the food and you HAVE to choose. A bigger plate would lessen the wonders of the dishes you chose.

The book was like that; short, but to perfect length. Each chapter with the flavour of the writer's voice feeding your soul. The texture of characters developped, the delicate shades of the backgrounds, all served to reenforce the whole as an unquestionably solid read. Good!

Great now I want to go to the Green Door :-D I believe that a trip will be forthcoming.. possibly with Leah. That would be swell :-))

Next on the book list: Anansi Boys by Gaiman, a few magazines that have arrived, and another book I picked up from Singing Pebble Books: 52 Projects - Random Acts of Everyday Creativity, by Jeffrey Yamaguchi. Looks like fun.


Doc Savageland said...

WOW!!! That's so great Sue!! Keep going! Don't give up! You should be so proud of yourself, 'cause you know I am!

Eifriger said...

Thanks buddy! It's been a hard week, but we'll see what the Sat. weigh in looks like. I dropped -2.5 lbs. this week. Hopefully won't gain it back *bugger* :-P

Doc Savageland said...

Well if you do, don't lose hope. It's going to bounce around a bit, because you are putting on muscle as well! Remember muscle weights more, and the more muscle you put on, the more strength you have to lose weight!