Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Will draw for food

Well, as you can see, I eventually DID make it to Toronto! I cruised in with Beth in the mornings and returned to Newmarket at night to chillax with Fi over brews, pizza and TV. Decode was awesome. It was really fun getting to see everyone; I think it's been at least a couple of years since I'd been in town last, working on an interactive game based on idea I had called "Moon Warriors".

I got to sit in the boardroom with a big stack of paper and basically draw all day long, enjoyed coffee and chats with my buddies and new people that peeked in to see how I was doing. It was delightful, quiet, just drawing--doing what I love to do. I had a couple of great lunches at the Dominion on Queen with Nancy and also at a little joint on the corner on Thursday that had great omelettes (when my tummy first started acting up :-P)

I got to meet the writer who is on board for Ivy & Dummy: Myra Fried--a very cool, whacky woman who has a great sense of humour and approved my "subversive" message of Ivy not needing a "real" boyfriend, just her stuffed guy (But she THINKS he's real!! That's the diff!) I also got to meet the animator who did the initial pilot last fall, Geoff Marshall of Crush & Chromacide. It was so nice putting a face to a name and really get talking Ivy & Dummy with an awesome and friendly dude who made them move!

Thursday I spent cleaning up a few drawings that were going to be used for promo for the next Teletoon meeting at the end of August. There was a fun drawing that has Burris slumped in the BG with Ivy all aglow in the foreground, talking on the phone saying: "I think it's going to be the "BIG RING" Christmas!!". Very cute :-) I also cleaned up one of Burris on a couch next to Ivy's Dad (Ivy's Dad looks a lot like Burris :-)

Thurs night we were going to have drinks and stuff, but I wasn't feeling up to it, so I just tootled on home to Fi's place, where she was elbow deep, making a Jig's Dinner for Unwind Yarn House in Newmarket where she works (when she's not wrangling twins :-) A Jig's Dinner is a trad. Nwfld dish that involves boiling salt beef with lots of root vegetables and then eating it up while trying not to have a heart attack. (The sodium content for one portion of the salt beef is 5000 mg!) :-O There was a bit left over from the gigantic pot, so I got a little taste. Delicious (and it didn't need salt...)

And now, "Buddy Whasisname and the Other Fellers" present Salt Beef Junkie from the THE SALT BEEF JUNKIE ALBUM


God bless my soul what can I do they say my salt beef dinner is a killer
It's got carcinogens and heavy duty fats it could serve as an elephant filler.
I'm as good as dead but I'm sure well fed 'cause I love those buckets of riblets
I love to drink that liquor and chew those bones even though I'm picking my giblets

Put on the beef, peas pudding and the greens
Carrots and turnips, can't you smell that steam
Some new potatoes with a puddin' good and lumpy
No I just can't wait, I'm a salt beef junkie.

Now some folks like to eat carrot sticks 'cause they're afraid they might become gluttons,
But me I don't like those rabbit foods 'cause I'm afraid that I might pass buttons
Every Sunday morning while some folks fast or eat food that tastes real crappy
I got my salt beef dinner cooking on the stove 'cause I wanna die real happy.

Jane Fonda likes to eat sesame seeds and Twiggy likes low fat tofu
But they don't live in Newfoundland where the winter winds blow right through you
Now if they lived in Wesleyville where the north wind blows right vicious
They'd enjoy their salt beef dinners just like me and the missus

I don't want to be some health food freak who eats alfalfa and bean sprouts
I don't want to live to a hundred and three if I got to throw my beef out
When it comes right down to preparing food I don't want to germinate or shuck it
I'll take my chances on salt beef dinners and keep my head in this bucket.

----(at this point, you put the empty salt beef bucket on your head and grin like a maniac)----

Anyway, it was fun and I hope the yarn store appreciates what Fi whipped up for them for their Taste International day (the rest of the street got to do different countries. I don't know why the store got Newfoundland..weird!)

Friday, we rolled on home, with Fi navigating and I got to see all the places I missed on the way through the first time, like Port Perry and Uxbridge. WHEE! We had dinner in Tweed at Kelly's and rested our dogs a bit, which was nice. Just rested the old dusty eyeballs before tackling the 7 again. I got Feef to her brother's place around 7:30pm so that was all to the good. Got back to Kanata in time to say hi to Clay and collapse on the couch.

Yes.. there is more to come.. later :-P
I'm feeling a *little* better..still some dull pain coming in the right side of my body, but not as sharp as on the weekend. Not looking forward to my medication running out (only have 1 dose left .. SIGH.) Got an appointment for an Ultrasound on Sept. 8th, so we'll see if I'm germinating an Alien, or if one of my PCOS related cysts has gone awol and is crushing up against an ovary or something. Maybe it's just a really bad pulled muscle?? Sigh.

more l8r..

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