Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Thursday, August 24, 2006


I hate when medication runs out. Acetaminophen isn't the same... I think I'm going to have to call my Dr. and get a new prescription. *sigh*. I was actually up at 5:30am this morning, trying to get ready for work and felt awful. The pain in the side thing isn't like a cramp... just a pressure, dull and inevitable..and annoying. I slept for 3 hours and the Acetaminophen ran out. My other medication was of the 10 hour variety. Not fair!

Hmm, guess I should finish up my history of stuff.

So, I returned home, unloaded my gear and passed out. Until the next morning when I awoke in the state I'm currently in, only much, much worse. I ended up at Emerg. with my Mom at the Queensway Carleton. Now as everyone knows, Emerg sucks because you're basically sitting there forever, getting bumped down the line as people with sucking chest wounds get in ahead of your "possible appendicitis attack" or whatever I got categorized as..

Thankfully Saturday mornings are a good time to be at the hospital, and by the time noon rolled around, I had been sampled, probed, bled, *medicated!* and was on my way to being X-rayed. I did feel a bit like an abductee, except the Dr. in charge was a long red-haired Celt, not an androgynous alien dude. The fellow doing the X-ray was an enthusiastic little guy who moved the cool machine all over and ME on the table until he had 4 shots. Then I got dressed and we got to wait...

Waiting would've been ok, except I had a wedding reception to get to: the reason I'd had to get back to town from Toronto so quickly! At the end of it all, we escaped not really knowing much, except that they'd ruled out appendicitis and a twisted ovary (MAN that sounds painful...!) but they recommended an Ultrasound to get a better look. I don't know why we didn't just do it while we were at the Hospital and all, being tested for everything, but who knows.

We managed to get going and get to my friend LH's reception at Algonquin in time. I felt ok, the dinner was superb..capped with a dark chocolate dessert sprinkled in 18k gold. Wow! Thar be gold in me! Crazy :-o

I filled my prescription in Bells Corners on the way home at Shopper's--with the very cute pharmacist explaining all the ins and outs of my special pain-killer/ anti-inflamatory.

Got home and lounged below with Clay, feeling ok til around midnight when I just sort've crumpled. The night was hell, getting up every hour or so to pee, get more water, put a cool cloth on my burning head. By the time Sunday morning rolled around, I wasn't aware of anything except nausea and pain.. which eventually passed after a couple of hours. Spent Sunday in bed with a bucket handy and the aggravating hours pre-med and post-med to endure until I could relax and sleep once more.

So the week has pretty much been like that, only getting marginally better as time progressed. I think that my fever is pretty much gone..and I'm eating sort've normal stuff now, as opposed to just bananas and toast (and plenty of water.) I haven't had coffee in a week, and can't imagine it right now. Damn, that is NOT normal!

I called the various Ultrasound places in town and they all seem to be staffed by overly snippy women who didn't want to give me an appointment before the end of September & were mightily miffed that I couldn't tell from my Dr's handwriting whether I was to have an abdominal US or an abdominal/pelvic one. They can *sense* weakness I guess... Glad I have my Mom on board to help get things sorted out with her patented "teacher's voice". Yay.

Stay tuned....

PS: The only really fun things that have been happening have been watching "The Venture Bros." every day with Clay when we have supper. I really love this makes me laugh (which hurts). I love the snappy writing, the over-the-top characters and the timing. It is SOoo fun. Highly recommended. My favourite character is Dr. Orpheus :-D (That's the Necromancer waving his hands around in the left side of the piccy below.)

PPS: If anyone can guess the significance of the machine I included in this post, you'll get a lollie.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sue,
Im so sorry to whats happining to you lately. Its crazy. I miss you at work. I hope everything works out soon and you get well. Cause from what youve been saying, sounds like your going through hell. Being sick always sucks!
Oh and that machine in the pic is a suppository you want my address to ship my lollie to me? haha


Eifriger said...

Woohooo! You win the lollie John--I will bring it in to work tomorrow. Congrats :-) I too have been missing you and the gang; I'm looking fwd to getting back into the swing of living, now that my health has improved somewhat. Cheers :-)