Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Urban Legends, hoaxes and such

Every now and again at work, or at home, someone sends an email around about a shocking (or amazing) event, or someone holding a MASSIVE kitty, or HIV needles in theatre seats. Oh yes, and don't forget the "email tracking program" that will give you piles of money if you spam your friends!

Please, before you forward these Urban Legends around, go to the website Urban Legends and make sure they're real events and not fakes. The website has tons of pics, stories, and the like debunking the false ones and underlining the truth in the real ones.

The latest one at work is the Mars in August one being the size of the full moon, which *never* happened. Happened, past tense, you might ask? Yes, the email about Mars dates back to August 2003. While Mars was very bright that summer, it never reached the optical size of the full moon. And neither will it *this* particular August, because the email is 3 years out of date.

Anyway, just a quick rant because the immediate belief and instant forwarding of the emails happens so damned frequently and 90% of the time they're hoaxes! I'm not immune to getting sucked in by hoaxes and fake emails too. I'm just a bit more careful now before I run to my FWD button and send the msg & accompanying pic off to all of my friends and relatives.

So, before you fwd. CHECK!! :-O

Whew. What else? Work has been... quite dull really. No 48 degree heat, no knocking on strangers' doors. Just sitting and typing, sitting and looking dazedly at the monitor. We're keying the PISA booklets in EP-90 which is a pretty basic program with an intense blue screen. I turned down my monitor a bit, and that seemed to help. It was weird sinking back into sedentary work after walking all over the place for the last few weeks. But, air conditioning is *ni-ice* :-D

Some news: I'll be heading to Toronto next week to work at Decode Entertainment's studio on IVY & DUMMY!! Hurray :-)) I managed to get some time to go to TO and will be hooking up with my friends there and working my butt off. I'm really looking forward to meeting the team and seeing my old buddies. Worked on some more sketches and fwded them last night. It was fun, although tiring to work keying all day, then stare at PShop until 10pm. Then get up at 5:30am. AAGH.

I was so spacey this morning, I sailed right past Moodie Drive, which is normally where I turn LEFT (or North) to get to the 417. I winged right through Bells Corners, getting all green lights and caught the Queensway just before Pinecrest. Weird. Now I have to start leaving 5 minutes earlier so I won't be late (and so maybe I can score a coffee before hitting the old keyboard.)

So, more news later........


Omni said...

The best site to check urban legends at is this one:

Eifriger said...

Great! Thanks for the link--I will go and check it out :-D Actually, I think I remember an article on Urban Legends that had Snopes accredited on it-- cool!