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Neil Gaiman says:
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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Watching and Weighting

I started putting together this post last week.. and got busy! Which I think is normal for most folks. But, I have a wee bit of time, so here goes! After being diagnosed with gallstones in September, my diet changed radically. No longer able to indulge in my love of onions, or to work on achieving connoisseur-hood in the realm of chicken-wing sampling, the diet shift had unexpected results: I dropped a couple of pounds. Cool!

I thought I'd run (so to speak) with it and joined Weight Watchers (again!) with my buddy Myra W. from work who also wanted to tackle the challenge. Now, losing weight isn't easy and I have attempted it many times. I am also diagnosed with PCOS which means my hormones are out of whack :-P So it makes it triply hard! What fun.

Anyway, since I hit puberty (around 11 or so) I put on weight like it was going out of style. Wait a minute, it IS! Darn, should've been born in an earlier century I suppose. At the age of 12 I tipped the scales at around 147 lbs. or so. Ironically, this is the goal weight that I'm shooting for (using the Body Mass Index & my height and age.) {Calculate your own BMI here!}

Here I am around age 15 , weighing between 155-165 lbs I'd guess. Just an idea of what can change in you given 20+ years! Anyway, numbers aside, I'm going to be occasionally posting & charting my weight changes here for y'all to enjoy.

Right now, I weigh about the same as this lovely computer/ office desk!

I'm following the WW "Core" Plan which involves eating healthy foods from a particular list, balancing carbs, protein, veggies & fruit and trying to avoid fats (duh :-) So far it's going ok. The hardest thing is to keep a good variety of grains happening along with the veggies and protein. So far I've had kasha, brown rice, whole wheat pasta and oats. Yum!

I've cranked my veggie intake with salads, frozen veggies & just noshing on raw unsuspecting carrots :-) Fruits are good too--I mean I've always loved fruits, but now our fridge is bursting with sacks of varied apples, pears, as well as frozen berries in the freezer (that go on my oatmeal in the morning.)

By following this, drinking LOTS of water and enjoying my weekly belly-dancing (lots of laughing, sweating and jiggling cardio--!) I've managed to drop the equivalent of my cat Arlo in weight (about 8 lbs.) Hurray me!

How far do I have to go? Well... To reach my goal from where I am right now, I think it would be reasonable for it to take a little over 2 years. That's healthy, steady, no fad, genuine sane eating. And yeah, there'll be a few beers and the odd splurge in there too! I'm human, eh?

To give you an idea of my goal (and to help me visualize too!), I have a sample of what a pound looks like:

Now, here is a photo-collage of objects that weigh about the same as what I intend to drop.

Pretty scary eh? Anyway, right now I'm all enthusiastic and hepped to go! But there'll be times I'll post when I feel lousy and in the dumps. That's when you get to add comments like GO SUE GO! And YOU CAN DO EET! And STAY AWAY FROM THE DEEP-FRIED ___________ (fill in the blank.) Thanks in advance guys & gals! More news as it occurs!


Rob A. said...

I am here for your moral, mental, emotional and what ever other support you may need Sue! Well maybe not moral since I seem to have little of that but you know what I mean! I too want to follow a healthy diet so I shall follow your lead!

Troy Little said...

Hi Sue! Good on you Grrl!

Here's an idea! Figure out how many "Arlos" you plan to lose and draw a big poster of Arols you can check off as you go! Neat huh? Or am I just a little odd?

Anywho, we're cheering for you!

Carol Busato said...

Susie M. - that's wonderful news.

The core plan is what I'd be choosing too. Think it's great that on the plan you can have the occasional treat and not have to count calories. But do you really have to avoid fats? What about healthy choices like olive oil, almonds, natural peanut butter ... in moderation.

Going for more fibre is definitely the way to go. Supposed to help keep your blood sugar more stable and keep you feeling satisfied longer. Another thing that's supposed to help, I found out, was eating your pasta al dente, your rice and veggies not overcooked.

We're trying to make some changes here as well, but slowly. My goal is close to yours - about 145 lbs.
Wishing us every success. Suzanne, you can do it this time!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sue! You are looking great! This body change isn't easy, but with perserverance you can do it!! I still have about 50lbs to go. I've whittled my weight down over the past 10 yrs with aerobics, weight lifting, healthier food choices and of course, belly dancing. What I found out about me is that protein is my friend, my cardio sux unless my muscles are strong and dancing 6 hrs a week has recently helped me tremendously. See you in class.
Belly Dance Diva

Colleen said...

Hey Sue,
Good luck on the diet plan! Maybe we can go out for blended fruit drinks sometime..yummy!:)

Anonymous said...

Bella! Finally I've come to check you out and what a great find! I love your style, your energy and I am so happy to be your friend throughout this crazy journey of life. Congratulations on making some great positive loving changes! L.

Eifriger said...

Wow! Thanks for all the positive, supportive, awesome comments! I'm bloody lucky to have a bunch of great friends like you guys, that is all I can say. Week 3 and I'm going strong... must keep going! Tonight was my first night in a gym in three years :-O Wow!!

The weigh in Sat. was good; Sue minus 4 lbs. (almost the size of my enigmatic rabbit :-) The food is going well too; kasha, chops & steamed veggies for dinner tonight.

Thanks again guys & dolls; without you I'd be head first in the Zesty Doritos without a third thought. I wish I could hug y'all. I'll have to save it up for when I see you! :-D

Cheers & love

Anonymous said...

Wishing you all the luck Sue!! keep with it :)