Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Thursday, April 26, 2012


Hello comrades!

There is a new post over on Argle featuring the nascent acrylic blunderings of yours truly. Go check it out! A preview of my attempts to make a cool and funky birthday painting for my niece!
Gridding up the b & w printout of Mario, gridding up the canvas (fun!) Using a grid is a great way to enlarge a picture if you want to paint it (and don't have a projector). It helps if the original drawing and the canvas are exactly the same ratio (your 3 x 4 drawing translates far easier to a 12 x 16 canvas than an 8 x 8).  My teacher Kala Ritchie recommends using a watercolour pencil to trace it out, but as I hadn't yet started my class I didn't know that. I used a 2B and just painted thickly over the lines... esp the white areas.

4 days of gridding, erasing, painting and staying up late produces Mario! Then I got to outline him w/ blue-black to make him pop. I was tempted to throw in all the bricks on the castle and stuff, but easily talked myself out of it.

Ahh, who says art critics are all mean? Here is Bronwyn on her 8th bday enjoying some original artwork--yay!


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Colleen said...

Awesome painting! I was introduced briefly to the concept of gridding, but never actually carried it out which I want to do since you usually have to enlarge images for a canvas.:)