Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Charity art auction featuring original Marsden!

Check it out friends, the Canadian Toy Testing Council's charity auction on eBay is in full schwing! There are all kinds've great pieces of original artwork up for sale, and they could be yours. And the loot goes to a great cause. Hop on over and hand over your dibnibs now :-)

Janet Hetherington (Eternal Romance, Elvira, Monster Love) proposed a call for art submissions last month to support the Canadian Toy Testing Council and I was happy to supply her with a black and white illustration featuring my "favourite" childhood toy. I've been role playing since I was around 11 years old or so, so thought it would be a great idea for a drawing. Then I realized a little pile of polyhedric dice is a very BORING idea for a drawing. Then I put a dragon in. Yay!

Janet is a fantastic artist, writer and supporter of genre of all kinds in the Ottawa area. Check out her site on the web and FB groups as well.
It was awesome catching up with her and Ronn Sutton (Fear Agent, Elvira, Vampira) recently during Free Comic Book Day at the Cave and finding out more about her auction for the Canadian Toy Testing Council. Also, Janet invited me to be a panelist at the upcoming meeting of the Ottawa Science Fiction Society May 31st when they convene to talk about art in the genre.

Cheers, and thanks for the support!

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Hannah said...

Hey Sue,
Love the dragon drawing! I'll check out those links too!