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Neil Gaiman says:
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Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Megaverse Needs You!

I have a secret.
Yes, you probably think you know ALL my secrets... with a Blog, what can one talk about but the revelatory glee of exhuming secrets? But I have one that's bigger than the Closet, weightier than having a BMI of 56, more sinister than a penchant for parmesan popcorn, 80's muscle cars, Robin of Sherwood (Michael Praed eps, please!) and Musicals.

The secret.

I am a Role-Player. Hey! No gushing sighs of "yeah yeah yeah--" Not that kind of role-playing. No whips, chains, leather and studs for the Suester. Nooo, something far less socially acceptable happens in this innocent suburban basement. Something happens quite frequently. Sometimes we even recruit others to join our odd escapades into the imagination. Sometimes those people are ones you KNOW! Like... Keith Savage(!) or Robert Anderson(!) and the shadowy numberless others who may be called upon to don the mask of a RPGer...

Now that the secret is out, my "I Helped Save the Megaverse And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt" makes more sense. And those odd comments when I was in college answering the classic "What are ya doing this weekend, Marsden?" um... "Playing with my friend..." yessss.. it all becomes clear. From the early days of Gr. 6 playing the original TSR D & D set, to clustering at my friends' older brother's hallowed ankles as he DM'd us through a killer AD & D campaign that left almost everyone DEAD... It has been an enjoyable ride!

Got turned onto Palladium Books a little over 10 years ago and it has been an amazing, fun and imaginative sally. Part of my 100% mark in scriptwriting at Algonquin should have been shared with Clay, since I based my script on the improbable adventures of my Rifts New West character I was playing at the time: Kate Brazil! Nothing like playing to really "get into" a character's head, discover motivations, past, what they are striving for and for who their antagonists might be!

So, I am indebted to Palladium Books (and to Clay!) But, for the purposes of this Blog, I'll stick to Palladium Books (haha!) They have enjoyed much success, maybe the danger was TOO much success. Someone on the inside washed the company for all it was worth, then took off to let Palladium thrash and sink into debt and ruin. Which totally blows!!

Kevin sent emails out to the Fandom last year and recently this week for help, to "Spread the Word", so I aim to please. If you haven't checked out Palladium's site, their new releases, have tried RPGing at all, then steer your browser in their direction. The World Books are thoughtfully put together, the artwork (barring a few inconsistencies!) is lovely and the adventures that will sprout from the systems will keep you gaming for years. If you have ever thought vaguely about trying to game, now is a great time to pre-order Palladium stuff, pick it up at the Comic Book Shoppe or order directly from them. They need your help!

A world without Palladium books would be very very SAD. And Clayton would be sad. You don't want to make Clayton cry, do you? Do you?? Anyway, sorry for the plug, I'll have some actual news in the future. But for now, the soapbox is on loan to Mr. Siembieda as he strives to hold back the angry fists of debt. We know how that feels, eh? Hang in there buddy!!

and thanks,
Suzanne aka "Darcy Williams, CS Grunt" (for the last month anyways)

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Silverstar said...

You're a role player? Scandalous! ;) Seriously though, as long as you enjoy it and aren't hurting anyone then RPG away!

Eifriger said...

I know I know.. that's what the criminal therapists said.. I didn't MEAN to force those people, duct-taped and crying into the confines of the basement of Solitude to game for 72 hours.. honest.. Well, maybe not as honest as all that ;-)))
Hope you're doing swell !!