Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Wildlife Rescue needs your support

A good friend of mine wrote me this morning:

"Dear Suzanne,

Here is the link to the e-campaign to reinstate a progressive wildlife rehab response in Ontario.

Please forward to any friends you think might help.
We hope to bury McGuinty and Ramsay in email.

Thanks very much..."

Part of the hope is to take steps to help remove Wildlife Rehabilitation from the administrative control of the OMNR where there is a conflict of interest and establish a Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Committee which will allow for public input and review of policies and regulations affecting wildlife rehabilitation.

As it is now, the work I did a couple of years ago (helping raise orphan baby squirrels) was illegal. I'm not usually a law-breaker. But, according to the rules that are in operation right now, the squirrels that were orphaned in downtown Ottawa, should've been left to die naturally on a sidewalk. It is "Nature's Way" to have their mother killed by a car, and for baby squirrels to starve to death.

Well, Nature didn't intend for cars to interfere in the normal cycle of squirrel-dom, so brave volunteers exist to take the law into their own hands. Without this network, you would see orphaned skunks, raccoons, squirrels all over the place in town, looking for food and getting run over themselves by the traffic in our modern world.

It only takes a minute to fill out the petition, a little longer if you would like to write to your MPs. It's worth it! Don't keep volunteers who truly love animals from doing their jobs and being hauled to jail. Change the rules and regs for the better--and help animals ultimately live longer, happier lives in the wild where they belong.

Cheers & thanks!

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