Neil Gaiman says:

Neil Gaiman says:
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Friday, September 22, 2006

Grinding through the week

Wahull, another Friday, and so sweet it rivals maple syrup :-) My upper teeth on the left side are hurting and it's going right up into my brain like a nail. Wonderful. I get over one pain or cold or what-have-you only to be thrown into another one. As I told MW at work, "I'm falling apart!"

It was a day; we were on HRSDC which are those leetle travel cards you fill out when you come back from a trip abroad. I think I raged about them a few posts ago. The music I've been listening to really makes the work go faster though. Today I listened to Sheryl Crow & Friends (live in NY), The Clash "Combat Rock", Colores Andinos and the soundtrack to "Farewell to the King", courtesy of Doc Savage and Basil Poledouris :-) The day flew by, and I rolled out at 3pm feeling dazed and experiencing nasty eye-strain. Yay! Another debilitating condition :-(

Speaking of conditions; I went to the Doc Wednesday, and as my previous post stated at the end, I have gallstones. Apparently I come by them honestly, as my Mom and her folks all suffered from gallstones. Even my brother mentioned he gets pains in that area. Whee! For educational purposes, here is a picture of the gallbladder (although, it's not MY gallbladder..and usually gallbladders are not a bright blue in colour..)

Pictures of gallstones are too gross to post. Go Google Image them yourselves if you want to see them. Yick.

So, I have to change my diet. No more fatty foods, red meat, dairy or anything remotely tasty like onions. The only things on the list that I think won't be a problem to give up are the banned organ meats: brain, kidney, tongue, sweetmeats (!) and whatever else you boil up to make head cheese. So NO deep-fried brains for me :-P

Other areas on the net have funky home remedies for gallstones and strange diets that include vats of oil to flush you out, or mega amounts of beets. I do like beets. But the idea of chugging vegetable oil is kinda icky. Anyone got any good ideas out there? The consensus at work was to forget the whole "control with the diet" idea and get surgery. My friend MW actually showed me her scars and they looked not too bad. In fact they were barely noticable.

Surgery??? :-O

Well, Enough o' that. After work, I drove to Bells Corners and dropped in on Mike, Shelagh, Bronwyn & Kiara! BABY :-) I got to hold her and everything. And she didn't barf on me (I like my new niece.) I gave her a soft Gund terrapin and a Winnie the Pooh letter "K" & some bday presents for Shel too. Mike put on some classic Sesame St.--lots of great, hypnotic 60's influenced animation *whee*. Took some pictures; hopefully they'll turn out!

I also got to see footage of Kiara RIGHT outta the birth canal. It was amazing; she was all brand new and howling her little lungs out, thrashing her little arms--the nurse was swabbing her down. You could even see the cool umbilical cord. Wow! It hit me right in the chest, I choked up--amazing :-O Whew.

Short post, but my eyes and teeth are killing me--I must medicate & then make some kind've dinner. Hope the weekend is good for everyone--

PS--Anyone know the significance of the # 5318008 ???
There's a lolly in it for whoever guesses correctly :-D


ncross said...

Hi Sue,

That's too bad about your gallstones. I know that Kristy will have a good remedy idea for you but in the meantime instead of vegetable oil (avoid) you should try unrefined virgin coconut oil to help flush out the stones. Apparently it is the healthiest oil in the world and cures all sorts of ailments. Kristy is reading a bunch of books on it and is a real expert. She even rubs it on her back to help with her asthma, and it works!
Anyway, I'm off to Toronto this morning and my train is leaving soon so I hope you feel better!

Anonymous said...

Would it be...




Eifriger said...

Hi Nick!
Thanks for the support and the advice. Yeah, from what I've read veg. oil looks scary :-O Since I'm supposed to steer clear of fats.. urg. Anything that tastes good is off the list. Nothing but Rytbrut and broccoli for me. I'll check out the unrefined virgin coconut oil and see what can be done with it; sounds interesting :-) Best o' luck in TO Nick--looking forward to catching up with you guys soon!

Eifriger said...

Nhoj! You guessed it! The secret special number of the quiz spelled backwards is BOOBIES! I hope you enjoyed your lolly today & that your blue tongue doesn't fade too fast. And now for something silly:

“Mr Smithers!, I thought you were” - Bart Simpson
“No, I’m straight, as long as I take these injections every 10 minutes” *injects* “I LOVE BOOBIES!!!” - Mr Smithers, The Simpsons

Eifriger said...

Actually I retract that. The number is NOT backwards. It is spelled in calculator lingo and must be viewed UPSIDEY-DOWN. There is a cafe press link that you can hunt down to buy gear that has the number on it, which I think is really funny. Especially having it emblazoned across one's chest.